CMO Perspectives (13th Mar, 2015)

Being a CMO is hard work! Between dealing with channel marketers and getting buy-in from the rest of the company for all you want to accomplish, it is by no means an easy position. However, the good news is that there is so much great advice, ideas and insights out there to get you through the tough times. This week we found 5 perceptive articles that offer a range of ideas for how to meet the challenges we face as CMOs. We hope you enjoy them!

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How to Think In Tough Customer Service Situations []

What’s the best way to handle tough customer service situations? My dear friend and colleague, Shep Hyken, proposes using a concept called “The Relentless Solution Focus”, developed by Dr. Jason Selk, which is about having the right mindset to mentally turn a problem around.

At its simplest, it involves asking the following question when you find yourself in a tough customer service situation: “What is the one thing I can do – or do differently – that can make this situation better?” Read the whole article for more insights.

 CMOs Listen to Customers, Not Processes []

This article talks about the role of the CMO and how it differs from that of other marketers. A CMO is always focused on the customer. Customer data helps a great deal when it comes to listening to them. However, data alone cannot provide true insights

The author feels that in the future the CMO will become the Chief Listening Officer. The goal should be to listen more to the customer rather than to technology.

Multichannel Marketers, the Doctor Is In []

Multichannel marketing is hard. As CMOS, we are trying to get the right communication to the right customer at the right time with the right personalization. This is hard enough when we own all touchpoints; but it’s even harder when we hand over a major part of the brand experience is executed by channel marketers operating in a different silo.

Julie Hopkins says mid-sized organizations are most successful in dealing with these challenges since they don’t have the luxury of million dollar ad spend. They need to use every asset for maximum impact.

Why Marketing Must Measure More Than Leads:
Four Tips for the New, Customer-Focused Reality []

The article suggests 4 points for the success of your CX program.

It suggests that customer-related responsibilities have now changed and measuring leads is not the right metric, as many activities are not intended to create leads.

The Evolving Influence of Today's CMO (Tweet) []

This is the first post Forbes’ new “CMO Insight Series,” designed to explore the challenges facing today’s top CMOs and the wisdom accumulated through their experience. This post includes an interview with Jeff Jones, CMO at Target. Kimberly Whitler discusses marketing challenges, worries and advice with Jones. Very informative for today’s C-level marketing leaders.