Call Me Mr. Marketing: My CX Persona

Where Do You Fit into Your Organization’s CX “Master Plan?”

(This post is the first entry of a week-long series celebrating CX Day, CXPA’s annual event for CX professionals to network and share knowledge regarding the latest customer experience trends, insights and successes.)

Call me Mr. Marketing. Our free persona quiz does.

The quiz was designed to identify for customer experience personnel which strengths they bring in service of a greater CX strategy, and how those strengths can best be applied towards achieving the organization’s goals. Essentially, it helps CX operations make the most effective use of their resources, and position themselves for working cohesively to deliver customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As I serve in a marketing capacity for NICE, it’s fitting this quiz would identify me as being best suited to a “marketing” persona. Given my outlook towards the customer experience, the results claim I am:

  • A creative thinker: “You are a creative thinker who likes to communicate with customers through broad marketing messaging.” Sounds about right.
  • Focused on trends: “At work, you think at the experience level first and you believe the customer is the enabler for brand success. Your focus is on feedback trends rather than specific data sets.” Makes sense to me; if one gets too wrapped up in the minutiae of the moment, he or she might miss out on big-picture developments—and a business’s reaction to such developments will ultimately ensure or hinder long-term prosperity.
  • Brand-oriented: “In regards to CX, you believe there should be organization-wide involvement, and that CX should increase loyalty and be a part of the brand values.” As I’ve written about previously, I believe in the value of a customer-centric culture; when every decision is geared towards earning customer loyalty, the desire to provide exemplary service can be infectious, and the brand often develops a reputation that yields continuous benefits.

Furthermore, the results identify each of these items as ways in which I can best contribute to my company’s CX objectives:

  • “Use your creativity, and your understanding of the customer from a brand perspective, to incorporate the brand into CX processes and messaging.” In one way or another, that’s what I’m attempting to do with every one of these blog posts. How am I doing?
  • “You can insert the customer perspective into solutions for feedback trends and CX processes.” I’ve written about the value of listening to customers via whichever medium they prefer, so this makes sense.
  • “You should help foster collaboration across departments, and help inject the brand value and need for customer loyalty into decision-making and process implementation.” Consistency and visibility are key to ensuring each part of the whole is accountable and working effectively, giving customers the reactiveness they desire while boosting both employee morale and profit margins—so yes, this resonates with me.

And these are areas where I, as an external-facing representative of NICE, should look to others for support:

  • “You will need the support of data and analytics to back up your experience-level perception and brand-driven notions.” They say you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Check.
  • “The more organization-wide the CX program is, the greater the budget you will have for CX-based marketing; you should look for support at the C-Level in order to spread the CX message from the top down.” The most effective customer-centric culture, from both a leadership and a budget standpoint, comes when CX strategies have executive support. That’s likely true of any initiative that speaks to an organization’s core values.

In accordance with CX Day, we’ll be presenting a free webinar, “What Type of Customer Experience Leader Are You?,” on Wednesday, October 5. In this session, NICE’s Nick Fifer will discuss the different CX personas, including their diverse characteristics, demeanors and perspectives, and how each can best serve the interests of the CX mission.

What is your CX persona? Are your talents being leveraged most effectively to achieve the desired ends of your business? Where could you use some help? Take our quiz today to find out, and we hope you can share a bit of your CX Day with us.

Oh, and one last thing about my particular CX persona: When it comes to speaking as a representative of my brand…I believe personalization is key. How about you?