Bringing Robotic Intelligence into Business Process Complexity

On-Demand Webinar Recording

In a recent webinar conducted by Omer Fuchs, NICE’s New Business and Strategy Director and Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton, some of the latest developments in Cognitive / AI automation technology were discussed, in addition to how they can be applied to more complex business process scenarios.

We refer to the automation economy as the unstoppable wave that will forever change the way that business operations function. In order for enterprises to build and maintain their competitive positions, to be leaders of tomorrow, it is essential to have some sort of investment in process automation technology. But what next?

The next evolution of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the inclusion of AI/Cognitive technology. This has been confirmed by an HfS research study, indicating that by 2021 organizations’ investments in AI technology will be more than double their financial investments in RPA. This is a strong indication that the business world, at large, is needing greater technological intelligence to automate more complex business processes in a race to perfect customer interactions and operational efficiencies.

To learn about some of the different cognitive automation solutions available today, in addition to some practical business cases listen to the webinar recording.