Bridging the experience-perception divide with CXone Mpower

Continuous. That is the most apt word to describe how people interact with the world around them. Everything bleeds into the next experience. A negative encounter with someone on the road can have ripple effects throughout the day and with each subsequent interaction.

And this is true of customer interactions, too. Let me paint a picture for you:

A customer begins their journey online, looking to troubleshoot a problem with a kitchen appliance. After spending considerable time looking up FAQ sheets and help videos, they engage with a bot on the brand website and are redirected to the same FAQ sheets they have already seen. Feeling more frustrated, they are resigned to calling the service center where they must describe the issue to an agent. After talking with them and being unable to determine the cause, a technician is scheduled to come and address the issue. After the tech arrives, he uncovers the issue but is unprepared and doesn’t have the correct part to fix it. A follow-up visit is scheduled, and the issue is finally resolved.

Now, this experience spans days, not minutes, but for the customer, all of these moments are linked in the memory continuum of a single experience of getting their appliance fixed.

But how did the appliance company see this?

Likely they were unaware that the customer was having a frustrating experience and failed to meet them at the start of their digital journey. The chatbot conversation was a new and distinct interaction, separate from the customer’s website search and devoid of that context. Same thing with the call to the customer service agent. The technician visit was another siloed interaction.

Four or five separate issues and interactions for the brand make up a single interaction for the customer.

And that divide will only grow, causing a deep rift between your brand and customers.

So how do you bridge this experience perception divide?

Can you create a continuous memory and CX-aware solution?

You can. And NICE did.

Meet CXone Mpower.

Mpower is the world’s first and only CX-aware AI platform that can actively transform interactions based on continuous connected inputs. This creates a single, unified experience for customers, employees, and the business. One of the key features that makes this possible is a continuous experience memory, based on historical experiences and derived customer preferences. Continuous experience memory injects contextual insights at precise moments and uses interconnected data and applications to inform optimal outcomes through every organizational touchpoint and system.

Barak Eilam, NICE CEO during Interactions 2024

How does CXone Mpower work?

CXone Mpower injects rich contextual memory data at the right time and right moment across the entire customer journey, providing unparalleled CX awareness. This infusion of AI turbocharges organizational performance. In essence, this creates a series of contextual sensors that alert and inform for every interaction, to ensure that every journey is as seamless as possible. The impact of CXone Mpower unfolds over three unique CX phases, each building upon the last to deliver compounding benefits:

  1. Immediate augmentation (augmentation): Right out of the gate, organizations will find themselves in a phase of rapid augmentation, with employees becoming significantly more effective via the copilot’s supercharging capabilities and the added power of continuous CX memory. CXone Mpower's continuous memory, based on historical experiences and derived customer preferences, fundamentally changes the balance of power between enterprises and consumers, allowing service organizations to level up to consumers' expectations.
  2. Progressive automation (skillability): The next phase is based on “skillability,” the dynamic skills exchange between human agents and AI-automated agents, whose roles will begin to cross over. Gradually, human agents will become the copilots, injecting themselves at critical CX moments, assisting and guiding AI agents, using the unique capability of reverse-prompting, which allows AI to prompt the human engine for consultation, collaboration, and teaching opportunities.
  3. Fully autonomous proactive service: The third phase is about creating elite AI agents that can match the performance of an organization's best agents while emulating their very best skills and behaviors. Once created, these super AI agents begin driving value immediately, containing the entire knowledge and experiences of the billions of interactions that came before them and on which they were trained. This phase also means AI that fosters genuine creativity, coming up with its own ideas for improved service processes, original campaigns, and devising personalized content.

With its unmatched capabilities, only CXone Mpower allows organizations to fully harness the power of AI purpose-built for CX that truly transforms customer and employee experiences. By supercharging agents, and all other CX stakeholders, with memory-based augmentation and enabling AI agents to perform significantly better than the best human agents, CXone Mpower unlocks the force multiplier effect of CX AI, exponentially boosting overall performance and creating an insurmountable competitive advantage for organizations that embrace it.