Best Wishes for a Winning CX Day

Take a Moment to Recognize Enablers of Customer Experience Excellence

For many actors within a large enterprise, the increased revenues resulting from a well-executed customer experience program are their own reward. Frontline agents may find a great sense of fulfillment when encountering a genuinely delighted customer, or receiving a pristine survey response. And when the customers themselves find they're taking a journey with a brand that recognizes and serves them as individuals, demonstrates attentiveness and respect for their time, and enables simple, stress-free engagement across all channels…everyone wins.

We at NICE would simply like to take this opportunity to wish all customer experience practitioners, across all industries, a happy and prosperous CX Day 2017, and share some resources that may serve them well in the coming year:

  • Recently, Forrester published its first edition of a new market analysis for customer-focused operations, "The Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Analytics Visioning Platforms, Q3 2017." Enjoy your complimentary copy, on us.
  • NICE recently published stories of the telecommunications provider that is saving millions of dollars by leveraging customer journey visualization and analysis to boost efficiency, the health insurance provider that is turning IVR pain into prosperity, and the travel company that transformed deeper customer understanding into $15 million in additional gross profit.
  • On September 14, NICE joined Forrester analyst Kate Leggett to learn how brands were positioning themselves to achieve long-term customer loyalty and growth, discussing "Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Journey of Tomorrow." We have your recording right here, so you may watch and learn at your leisure.
  • On July 25, NICE joined renowned CX expert Bruce Temkin to discuss "The Four CX Core Competencies," and how brands like yours can best develop each of them. This presentation is similarly available on demand, so you can binge-watch educational sessions that offer a clear path forward for your customer-centric strategies.

NICE will be exhibiting at Forrester's CXSF 2017 event later this month, and we'd love to catch up if you're there, too. Have a terrific day, and give yourself a hand.