Attended Desktop Automation – When humans and robots collaborate

As a Robotic Automation product manager, I get to speak to clients and business partners almost on a daily basis. Many of them mention the need for automations which can help a human employee perform better and optimize his time.

Indeed, every organization has business processes which can be automated from start to finish by an unattended robot, working without intervention, 24/7, without errors, collecting and executing tasks from a queue.

But what about business processes which have decision points requiring human intervention or communication skills?

That is where Attended Desktop Automation comes into play – it assigns a dedicated smart desktop robot for each employee - a robot that can mimic human activity, from copy paste and data inputting, to opening applications, switching between tabs, etc., but can also add unique capabilities such as documents parsing using built-in OCR and seamless access to different data sources, in parallel if needed.

All of those activities can occur on the employee’s desktop, in the background, triggered by any type of activity – from a button click, tab switch, opening an app, checking that a field has data – or even a complex combination of multiple events.

This allows employees to focus, for example, on talking to a client, while tasks like looking for the relevant client data in multiple applications, or figuring out what is the best next step to take, are done for them in real time on their desktop, resulting in the presentation of the appropriate data using callouts.

These callouts visualize real-time data aggregated from different sources in one place, creating the best insights an employee needs in the exact moment they are needed. They can offer the best next step based on machine learning of previous successful completion of a sales activity. They can present a set of decisions the human should make, each one will lead to another automated process getting done.

In this fashion, the human and the desktop automation robot are working side by side, in full collaboration, when each robotic activity is executed under human attendance, allowing humans to focus on more interesting, valuable work, while empowering them to make the best decisions in real time.

At the end of the day there is only so much you can automate in the back-end.

Many organizational business processes still require human intervention and decision-making, both in their front-office and back-office, which can be optimized by enhancing data accessibility and visualization, invoked in real time and presented with the right context.

Large enterprises who run our Attended desktop automation robots, enabling their employees ​to fully utilize their expertise and focus on the essence of their jobs, report higher employee satisfaction and operational efficiency which leads to a better bottom line.

Attended desktop automation does not just save an organization valuable employee time, it also keeps them engaged in the more important and valuable tasks for the business.