Are Your Customers Feeling the Love?

With all the technology and innovation out there today and indisputably already in use by many, if not all, of your competitors, there’s no question that enhancing your customer’s experience has become a critical factor in ensuring your competitive edge.

Let’s face it, marketing today is no longer just about enticing customers with what you have to offer; it is about how you make them feel using your services.

While we all appreciate the convenience of online shopping, banking and trading, we also want to have a personal experience that resonates with us emotionally. I don’t know about you, but there's an element of satisfaction in being recognized at various stages of my own online customer experience with my own unique preferences.

For many small businesses, your tailor-made attention to details, their details, can often be the deciding factor. Just listen to the customer in the video below, rave about how Mike, his agent seems to know exactly what he’s looking for via a DIY store video chat!

When you can dig out random tidbits from their online experience or be there with a guiding hand when they have issues that need a speedy and personal response, they are going to remember those moments. And by remembering those moments for the better, you will have ensured that your customers stay satisfied and connected with your company/brand.

Tapping into all the available customer data out there, whether it’s via your website, point-of-sale, call center, loyalty programs, email, or mobile - in a mindful manner - is the source of your emotional connection with your customer. That emotion becomes gold-plated when your customer’s time and money is at stake and they realize just how much your personal interaction is enhancing their lives…

So yes, getting connected with customers emotionally ensures their satisfaction. And satisfied customers are typically very loyal customers who stay with a company because they like the way the company makes them feel: a customer won’t remember what he was told, but will always remember how you made him feel.

The video below provides an awesome glimpse into how an exceptional interaction can truly pay dividends with admiring customers; watch how customers get blown away by those timely reminders, video chats, and innovative use of new technologies…