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If we’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that organizations must expect the unexpected—and be agile enough to respond proactively and reactively, as circumstances demand. This reality is impacting the contact center in myriad ways, especially as companies interact with their customers on more (digital) channels than ever. As they do so, they must understand what staffing will look like in the future—and how to plan for it; model how KPIs are impacted by changing the variables of shrinkage, service levels, ASA, and AHT; create more effective hiring plans and budgets; reduce costs; and drive revenues.

Today’s successful businesses must be able to make real-world decisions through rapid what if analyses. As companies move to a model that emphasizes new ways of interacting with customers, they must consider new ways of operating and measuring performance. Frost & Sullivan believes these new operational imperatives, while challenging, create exciting possibilities for change.