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Not all AI copilots are created equal


Amidst the challenges customer service employees face – grappling with excessive workloads, juggling an array of tools, and expending valuable time on mundane tasks – Enlighten Copilot serves as the ultimate CX employee AI solution. This saves your business time and money, but most importantly, improves employee satisfaction and quality of work across the board.

With Copilot for Agents, empower your agents with real-time guidance and auto summaries, expert answers, and AI-generated responses. Streamline interactions, reduce wrap-up time, and deliver exceptional service that exceeds customer expectations.

Leveraging Copilot for Supervisors allows for AI-driven monitoring, coaching recommendations, and alert insights, providing supervisors with profound insights. This enables them to make informed decisions, offer targeted assistance to agents, and ensure a more efficient and responsive contact center environment.

From enhancing the employee experience to driving operational efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction – Enlighten Copilot delivers tangible and quantifiable advantages that propel your organization to new heights. Built on the world's largest validated dataset of customer interactions, our robust AI models are designed to enhance the customer experience, ensuring you stay at the forefront of AI innovation.

  • Empowered agents: Enlighten Copilot enhances agent performance with real-time summaries and expert answers, ensuring personalized and efficient customer interactions.
  • Strategic supervision: AI-driven monitoring and coaching empower supervisors, fostering a responsive contact center environment.
  • Overall impact: The platform delivers tangible advantages, improving employee experience, driving operational efficiency, and elevating customer satisfaction.
  • Cutting-edge innovation: Built on world-class AI models, Enlighten Copilot ensures robust performance and keeps your organization at the forefront of AI innovation.
  • Trusted excellence: With seamless data integration and consistently relevant AI-generated answers, Enlighten Copilot is the trusted choice for delivering exceptional customer experiences.