Speed dialer technology automatically dials phone numbers from a preselected contact list. It helps boost call volume, reduce agent idle time, and increase ROI. It’s a game-changer for your agents as it streamlines their outbound call process and reduces the need for them to search, dial, and record information.

In addition to basic speed dialer technology, cutting-edge software also offers additional features to reach customers more efficiently and increase agent productivity. Discover the benefits of using a speed dialer and what additional features and services you should look for in a software.

The benefits of a speed dialer

Increase agent productivity and performance

Speed dialer software creates an organized and optimized system for your company. Your agents can spend less time searching contact information, dialing phone numbers, and recording key information. Instead, they’re able to do what they’re great at: helping customers.

Improve customer experience

The less time your customers are waiting on the phone for an agent, the better. Speed dialer technology ensures that calls are transferred to idle agents, reducing customer wait time and boosting satisfaction.

Streamline the platform experience

Speed dialers display the information your agents need in one, easy-to-use place. A simple platform allows for a seamless experience for your agents and key decision-makers. It keeps key information like phone numbers, contact information, and additional insights in one dashboard.

What to look for in a speed dialer

One, easy-to-use platform

Look for a dialer software that delivers information in a single and secure cloud-based platform. To streamline your agent experience, it’s important that this information is displayed in a simple and intuitive dashboard that doesn’t require a lot of training to use.

Compliance measures

Some speed dialer software can be illegal in different regions when they don’t adhere to local laws. Don’t leave compliance up to chance. Find a speed dialer software solution that simplifies risk management for your company by taking into account local and federal guidelines.

Manual and automated dialer

In addition to automatic dialing, a speed dialing software should include a manual dialer. An automated dialer maximizes agent performance and minimizes agent idle time. It also improves contact rates. 

A manual dialer helps agents easily launch outbound calls while keeping compliance in mind. It gives your agents ultimate flexibility and control.

Preview feature

Help your agents prepare for conversations with key contacts. A preview feature gives your agents the information they need about a customer before they get on the phone with them. With these insights, agents can create a more personalized customer experience.

An all-in-one solution

Deliver an exceptional customer experience while staying efficient. A speed dialer software is a powerful tool that can help your company boost productivity when reaching customers. 

Look for a software platform that’s easy to use, adheres to the latest compliance guidelines, and offers additional features like manual dialing and customer preview. NICE provides companies with a comprehensive speed dialer solution that includes these features and more.