No-Risk Results with
AI-Driven Routing.

Enlighten AI Routing is AI-driven call routing that prescribes the best match between customers and agents based on holistic CX data. Using all available data sources to understand the customer and the agent, Enlighten AI Routing goes beyond queue-based routing to connect people personally. Through better connections, businesses improve any outcome, including sales and retention, even cost-reduction and customer experience.

Enlighten AI Routing 

Enlighten AI Routing with a 100% ROI Guarantee

Organizations face new financial pressures that challenge them to deliver a high-quality customer experience while quickly improving their bottom line. By harnessing all of their available data to improve each customer connection, organizations rapidly achieve business results while meeting customers’ needs.

A guaranteed return on investment enables business leaders to increase their use of AI with confidence while benefitting from the ease of a fully managed service. NICE Enlighten AI Routing drives improvement to the bottom line from the moment it is activated, and with a SaaS model, it ensures ongoing positive ROI.

Transparent Measure of Success

A built-in A/B measurement methodology provides a clear statistical view of the value Enlighten AI Routing drives for your business on an ongoing basis. By alternating the solution On and OFF across short time cycles, Enlighten AI Routing provides a transparent view of incremental lift. The time cycles accurately show the lift driven by the solution regardless of other initiatives or environmental factors at the contact center.

Performance Guarantee on-off

The Advantage of a Guarantee

The extensive advantages driven by NICE Enlighten AI Routing, combined with a track record of success across industries, enable 100% ROI, with most customers realizing up to 500% ROI.

Performance Guarantee for rollouts of 500 seats or more

  • 100% ROI Guaranteed, or subscription fees rebated
  • The solution can self-fund and be budget-neutral
  • Leverage returns to fund other initiatives

A No-Risk Solution

  • No startup costs
  • No professional services or implementation fees
  • No hardware or software to procure, deploy, or maintain

Performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee FAQs

How is the performance of Enlighten AI Routing measured?

A built-in A/B testing methodology provides continuous measurement, and a clear statistical view, of the ongoing value driven by Enlighten AI Routing. By alternating ON and OFF across short time intervals, you can objectively see the incremental lift from Enlighten AI Routing, regardless of other initiatives at your contact center.

Which KPI (Key Performance Indicator) does the Performance Guarantee apply to?

The Performance Guarantee applies to the KPI most important to your business. Enlighten AI Routing can drive improvement across various KPIs, from Handle Time to reduce costs, Customer Satisfaction to drive improvements to Customer Sentiment and tNPS, or even Sales Effectiveness to increase revenue through driving more sales.

Can the Performance Guarantee be applied to multiple KPIs?

Yes! To ensure you meet your goals, Enlighten AI Routing’s Performance Guarantee applies to the KPIs that drive the most value to your business.
Typically, different groups across an enterprise have different goals. Enlighten AI Routing offers the flexibility for each group to focus on the metric most important to achieving their goals. Further, many enterprises shift their routing focus metrics to address contact center seasonality.

How is the performance of Enlighten AI Routing tracked throughout the year?

As a self-service option, you can access Enlighten AI Routing data to evaluate lift independently. Additionally, reports are regularly delivered from the Enlighten AI Routing team to share ongoing lift throughout the year.
In CXone, a full suite of pre-packaged reports are available on-demand.

What startup costs should I plan for with Enlighten AI Routing?

None! Setting up Enlighten AI Routing involves no startup costs, no implementation, and no professional services fees. And because it’s cloud-based, there is no hardware or software to procure, deploy or maintain! Our subscription-based model bills a flat, fixed-rate fee per agent per month.