What is a Prompt?

A prompt is a spoken menu option in an interactive voice response (IVR) system. An IVR is the upfront system in many call centers that greets callers and then verbally presents the menu options available to the caller. These spoken menu options are called prompts. Callers can respond to prompts by pushing a button on their phone's keypad or by speaking their choice.

Because the IVR sets the tone for the rest of the interaction, the menu's structure needs to be well-designed and the recorded prompts clear and on-brand. The voice of the prompt is another detail to be thought through when planning a consistent customer experience: Is the tone formal or casual? Young or mature? Energetic or calm? Many organizations contract professionals to record their prompts and deliver a tone that's just right for their brand.

How NICE can help

NICE is the market leader in providing customers the cloud contact center software they need to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences. Benefits include:

  • Sophisticated IVR that allows for customized prompts
  • Modern ACD providing digital first omnichannel routing and increased business agility
  • Integrated and comprehensive workforce management solutions to engage and empower contact center agents to achieve business goals
  • Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance the customer experience and automate routine agent tasks
  • Omnichannel customer journey management

CXone provides an intelligent, unified suite of applications covering the breadth of contact center management disciplines, simplifying administration and streamlining the user experience.