What is a Call Center Agent Scorecard?

A call center agent scorecard is a tool for measuring and monitoring quality assurance (QA) and performance metrics for individual agents. Call center agent performance metrics are typically set in advance and used to evaluate each agent on a level playing field to ensure a company’s established processes are adhered to and the overall company benefit is clearly measured and agent behavior aligns with company goals. The scorecard is the tool to measure individual agent performance against those best practices.

Quality management and performance management are vitally important to businesses, especially as a means to differentiate a brand. Without scorecards that provide accurate measurements of performance, call center leaders and agents cannot understand where they need to improve. In many contact centers, scorecards are manually created and maintained which makes it difficult to stay consistent or keep them updated. That’s why quality monitoring and performance management software that create automated scorecards are necessary.

Automated scorecards make it quicker and easier to align a call center’s goals with customer expectations and keep a pulse on how agents are performing against those expectations. Call centers may need different scorecards for different teams depending on each’s role in the customer journey, but leaders should still tie each component of the scorecard back to the same overall company goals.

Call center agent scorecards are one piece of a greater call center quality management and performance management program. By implementing automated call center agent scorecards, managers can meet customer expectations while engaging agents.

How NICE can help

NICE CXone is the market leading call center software in use by thousands of customers worldwide. Our user-friendly reporting solutions provide the analytics call centers need to monitor and report on call center customer interaction quality. Our solutions help call centers deliver superior customer experiences with accuracy, efficiency and consistency. CXone is a cloud native, unified suite of applications designed to help companies maintain and improve call center operations and meet call center service level standards. CXone includes:

Omnichannel Routing – digital routing management that empowers agents to interact with customers via digital or voice channels. Our solutions include an automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), interaction channel support and a proactive outbound dialer.

Quality Management Analytics – an omnichannel, quality management product that delivers a better customer experience through targeted agent feedback. QM Analytics simplifies management, analyzing each interaction based on category, sentiment, and user-defined keywords/phrases, delivering sophisticated analytical capabilities without an army of experts.

Workforce Optimization – unlocks the potential of your team by inspiring employees' self-improvement, amplifying quality management efforts to enhance customer experience and reducing labor waste. These solutions include workforce management (WFM), quality management (QM), recording, and performance management (PM).