Work from Mastery, not for Mastery

As many corporations continue to work from home, there is increased demand to maximize solution productivity and effectiveness. When it comes to workforce management, there’s a two-sided imperative: keep the workforce engaged and happy and, at the same time, increase customer satisfaction while cultivating brand loyalty. It’s a complicated juggling act that takes extreme focus and consistent, proper data-driven adjustment.

Be it lack of resources or that skilled staff must focus on other areas, NICE is seeing a growing demand to take on many of these high-touch activities for our customers. This is especially true in the world of workforce management. We have a proven WFM Command Center Operations program where we fully integrate technical application expertise with business process operations to transform and modernize workforce operations. This Managed Service is provided through our NICE Value Realization Services (VRS), and the results are seen in service levels, ESAT and CSAT—across all measured and sentiment metrics your contact center leaders and business partners pay attention to.

Why do NICE Managed Services work?

You know—even among your own agents—there’s a difference in productivity. A high-performer can be about 400% more effective than your average performer. That’s a big difference. It’s the difference that comes when you’re working from a place of mastery—of innate success—versus striving for mastery while also trying to achieve all your other goals (engaged workforce, happy customers, etc.).

NICE’s Managed Services work because we start with well-rounded, practiced expertise. We know our products right now, today—there’s no learning curve. We also know what’s coming down the pike, so we’re able to set customers up for on-going success. Another key? We’ve done this before—from strategic advisory to change management to continuous improvement. We have helped 100s of customers travel the path to greater and faster value realization.

WFM Command Center Operations

NICE’s Command Center Operations are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Contact centers have different levels of skill in-house and different focus areas. Some want an assist while others wish to be totally hands-off when it comes to WFM operations, yet united in strategy discussions.

We have a complement to each customer’s unique needs. We can ADVISE, MONITOR, MANAGE and/or OPERATE the WFM suite of solutions. Our novel approach to WFM Command Center Operations combines nearly every facet of our Value Realization Services. You get dedicated NICE experts who are well-versed in advisory consulting, change management, governance, and centers of excellence—who know how to effectively monitor NICE applications and implement changes. They are also experts at using NICE WFM Suite solutions for AI Forecasting, Scheduling, Intraday workforce management and automation.

When NICE takes on responsibility for WFM Command Center activities, we quickly make an impact in areas traditional WFM teams struggle. For example, we can:

  • Improve forecasting accuracy with our NICE experts
  • Improve schedule and staffing accuracy
  • Run and manage a WFM solution with less headcount than otherwise required
  • Maximize KPI and ROI achievement
  • Build robust WFM business processes that meet your operational requirements
  • Implement industry best practices

An interesting outcome is improved employee satisfaction. Low employee satisfaction often stems from challenges with shift bids, time-off requests and undesirable schedules. We tune and run the WFM Suite to optimize these processes which, in turn, can increase employee satisfaction. Even better, happy employees yield happy customers! 

When you employ NICE’s WFM Command Center Operations, you’re starting from a point of mastery. You’re guaranteed industry and NICE expertise from the start—that every NICE expert on your team will be backed by over 1,000 additional NICE experts; that we know your systems; how to read your data and how to apply it for your benefit—and that of your employees, partners and customers.

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, small or large, we’ll meet you where you are today and help take you where you want to be—and do it faster and more effectively than you could do on you own.

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