may the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you: Choosing the right AI copilot makes all the difference

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

These semi-translucent blue words first lit up the silver screen in 1977, kicking off an unprecedented visual and auditory experience. Star Wars became a phenomenon instantly. And the impact and legacy today make it one of the most recognizable movie franchises in history.

Of this story's many heroes, let's focus on two.

Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.

Now before you abandon this blog thinking that it will be simply fan-fiction and in-depth Star Wars analysis, let me tell you why we are talking about all this anyway.

Like Luke Skywalker we have goals and things that we need to get done. His was to save a princess from a massive space station that could destroy planets being guarded by elite stormtroopers and an evil lightsaber-wielding space wizard. Ours are more like checking into the fraud charge for a customer or canceling a long-standing customer’s cable package.

These things though can quickly become frustrating and difficult when we lack the experience or knowledge.

That’s where R2-D2 comes in.

Luke would have never been able to accomplish the things he did throughout the movies without his little AI Astro droid. In total R2-D2 saves Luke five different times. Needless to say, Luke is extremely loyal to his little droid.

In the realm of customer service R2-D2 takes the form of AI purpose-built for CX. When customers start their journey, AI is there to assist them and ensure that they get to the right place. When questions arise, AI is there and is trained on brand-specific and industry knowledge to help agents answer the question correctly and in context. And when the conversation shifts to a different channel, AI is there to pick up the conversation without missing a beat to ensure a swift and enjoyable interaction.

Now wouldn’t that build your brand loyalty?

Meet Enlighten Copilot—your R2-D2 for CX.

may the 4th be with you

Enlighten Copilot for agents and supervisors

While there are many different “copilots” in the marketplace, only Enlighten Copilot is purpose-built for CX and leverages your brand knowledge and expertise. Just like when Uncle Owen first bought R5-D4 from the Jawas, but it didn’t work due to a bad motivator, you don’t want your AI for CX copilot to break down under pressure.

Here are some of the things that set Enlighten Copilot apart:

Real-time summary: Amidst the chaos of handling multiple customer interactions, Enlighten Copilot steps in with real-time summaries, providing agents with invaluable assistance in delivering seamless experiences. Whether it's during lengthy phone calls or managing digital interactions simultaneously, agents can rely on Enlighten Copilot to distill key information and help them stay focused on providing exceptional service.

AutoSummary: Streamlining post-interaction processes, Enlighten Copilot generates automatic summaries, enabling agents to efficiently transfer pertinent information and move swiftly to the next interaction. By automating the summarization process, agents can save valuable time and ensure that no critical details are overlooked, ultimately enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Expert answers: Proactively suggesting knowledge-based answers, Enlighten Copilot accelerates problem-solving, reducing handle time and easing the cognitive load on agents. Leveraging its vast repository of brand-specific and industry knowledge, Enlighten Copilot empowers agents to deliver accurate and relevant responses, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions.

Customer sentiment: By providing real-time sentiment analysis, Enlighten Copilot equips agents with insights into customer emotions, enabling them to tailor responses and enhance satisfaction. Whether it's detecting frustration, satisfaction, or confusion, Enlighten Copilot ensures that agents can adapt their communication style to meet the needs and expectations of each individual customer, ultimately fostering deeper connections and loyalty.

Next-best statement: Offering AI-generated responses, Enlighten Copilot accelerates response time and contributes to improved customer sentiment and overall interaction outcomes. By analyzing customer inquiries and historical data, Enlighten Copilot suggests ready-made responses, enabling agents to address customer queries swiftly and efficiently, while also ensuring consistency and accuracy across all interactions.

But the assistance of Enlighten Copilot doesn't stop at agent support. It extends to supervisors, offering proactive guidance and insights to enhance decision-making and drive continuous improvement.

AI-driven monitoring: Providing supervisors with profound insights, Enlighten Copilot enriches data analysis, empowering supervisors to make informed decisions and offer targeted assistance to agents. By analyzing trends, patterns, and performance metrics, Enlighten Copilot enables supervisors to identify areas for improvement and implement proactive measures to enhance agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Supervisor assistant: Offering targeted coaching recommendations, Enlighten Copilot enhances supervisor input, driving continuous improvement in agent performance. Whether it's identifying training opportunities, providing feedback on interactions, or offering performance insights, Enlighten Copilot ensures that supervisors have the tools and resources they need to support their teams effectively and drive positive outcomes.

Alert insights: Uncovering trends and risks related to team-tracked KPIs, Enlighten Copilot ensures proactive resolution of potential issues, contributing to improved contact center performance. By monitoring key metrics and alerting supervisors to deviations from expected performance, Enlighten Copilot enables proactive intervention, ultimately minimizing disruptions and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

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The impact on CX stakeholders

Enlighten Copilot isn't just about enhancing agent performance; it's about achieving excellence across the board, impacting the employee experience, business operations, and overall customer satisfaction.

Employee experience: With a simple and intuitive user interface, Enlighten Copilot streamlines workflows, reduces repetitive tasks, and contributes to a positive, collaborative working environment. By providing agents with the tools and resources they need to succeed, Enlighten Copilot enhances job satisfaction and empowers agents to consistently deliver their best performance.

Business experience: By enhancing operational efficiency, reducing churn rates, and improving CSAT and NPS scores, Enlighten Copilot delivers tangible benefits to businesses, driving overall performance. Whether it's through faster agent onboarding, reduced handle time, or improved customer satisfaction, Enlighten Copilot ensures that businesses can achieve their goals and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Customer experience: Facilitating faster and more accurate answers, Enlighten Copilot ensures exceptional experiences at every touchpoint, contributing to increased loyalty and a positive brand reputation. By incorporating sentiment analysis, personalized experiences, and a deep understanding of customer needs, Enlighten Copilot ensures that every interaction is a memorable one, ultimately fostering deeper connections and driving long-term loyalty.

So, why choose Enlighten Copilot? Built for CX from the start, it offers unparalleled advantages, leveraging world-class AI models, a comprehensive interactions platform, and the most trusted guardrails in knowledge management.

In short, it is the R2-D2 of the customer service world. And who doesn’t want to be partnered with a bona fide hero?

In the journey of customer service, let Enlighten Copilot be your loyal companion, guiding you toward success and ensuring that every interaction is a memorable one. With Enlighten Copilot by your side, the force of exceptional customer service will always be with you.

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