What is Business Optimization?

Business optimization is a methodical, data-driven approach to honing an organization’s key functions and processes in order to achieve benefits such as increased revenue, reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction and greater agility. Business optimization efforts begin with understanding the current situation through rigorous analysis that may include data analysis, employee and customer interviews, and direct observation. Next, the organization needs to establish measurable goals and a vision for the future. Finally, business optimization projects need to include a plan to get to the future vision, including tasks, timelines, interim goals, staffing plans, and change management plans.

Technology is often used to facilitate business optimization efforts. For example, in call centers workforce management applications automate, streamline, and optimize the forecasting and scheduling processes, both of which are critical to effectively and efficiently satisfying customers. These used to be cumbersome, manual processes. Call centers that are committed to business optimization recognize that workforce management systems can fundamentally transform that manual process, and something that took days now takes just hours or even minutes, and it is done a greater level of accuracy. That's what business optimization is all about.

How NICE can help

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