A unified, enterprise-grade open cloud foundation

CXone is the fully scalable and elastic single cloud platform you’ll never need to replace. You only pay for what you use and are free to scale up and do​wn as required. Our offering is open and extensible, with over 250 APIs and 75 development partners. It even includes the industry’s only voice service level agreement.


Connect customers and agents across​​ any channel

CXone Omnichannel Routing empowers agents to positively and productively interact with customers in any channel.


Unlock the potential of your team

CXone Workforce Optimization Pro (WFO) applications’ suite enable organizations to record voice interactions and agents screens, improve agent productivity, identify performance gaps, deliver targeted coaching, and effectively forecast workloads and schedule staff.


Turn insights into results

NICE takes a comprehensive approach to analytics that is based on the ability to analyze both unstructured and structured data, coming from all touchpoints of the customer journey and data systems.


Streamlining service delivery

Across industries, organizations rely on routine, repetitive processes to achieve their business goals. Today, many organizations understand that releasing employees from the manual execution of these repetitive processes and employing software robots to handle them, can lead to significant benefits: reduced handle time and costs, improved SLAs and happier customers and employees. They are also experiencing the compelling results and rapid ROI that process automation is bringing to their organizations.


Extend your C​Xone investment

NICE inContact CXone DEVone Ecosystem connects trusted, fully integrated applications and functionality to the CXone portfolio. Using the CXexchange Marketplace, CXone customers can self-select innovative products to extend the CXone solutions they use every day-positively impacting busin​ess outcomes at the click of a button.

  • Maximize - your CXone investment systems
  • Find - the right solutions with the click of a button
  • Assure - compliance  & indemnification
  • Gain - deeper insights from customized reporting & analytics
  • Improve - CSAT, SLAs, & other key performance metrics


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