​NICE Uptivity Survey ​
for Mid-Market Contact Centers

​​​​​​​​​​​Know your customers better

For the most accurate feedback, you go to the source. And in the case of contact centers, that's your customers. When engaged appropriately, customers will readily tell you about their experiences with your contact center—from what motivated them to reach out in the first place to the quality of their interactions with your agents and the completeness of their resolution.

Available as an on-premises or hosted software solution, NICE Uptivity Survey lets you effectively tap customers for valuable insight you can distill and apply for a significant advantage in today's highly competitive market.

  • Gain insight into your customers' preferences and motivations
  • Identify new business opportunities and potential threats
  • Improve customer interactions by ensuring alignment between your quality management program and customer expectations
  • Improve the product development process by sharing customer feedback throughout the organization

Simple. Customizable. Results-driven.

Survey sets up and implements quickly, and complements existing call monitoring systems. Easily capture the voice of the customer and then combine it with our analytics module to mine messages automatically. Create multiple, custom surveys using our web-based survey builder — use a static set of questions or advanced skip logic for a more interactive experience.

Survey enables you to gather data from resources that frequently go untapped, yet are often goldmines of information that can be used to help resolve issues, reduce costs, streamline processes and enhance sales.

  • Setup and implement surveys quickly and easily
  • Capture feedback via voice messages and callback information
  • Report on automated post-call survey completion rates
  • View survey results in real-time through our Web-based reporting engine
  • Filter results by date range, agent, ANI (Caller ID) and many other criteria
  • Tie surveys to recordings and to quality reports or use it as a stand-alone application 
  • Advanced logic allows customer responses to determine the course of the survey