NICE in the Community​

Together We "Make a Difference"

At NICE we believe in leveraging our strengths to the benefit of our local communities: sharing our knowledge, expertise and capabilities, and investing time in giving back to the communities in which we operate.

For over a decade, NICE has made community involvement an integral part of its corporate culture, supporting and encouraging hundreds of its employees to volunteer at a wide range of organizations worldwide. 

Sponsored by the company's leadership, each and every NICE employee has the opportunity to contribute their time, knowledge and skills towards community activity on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


Global Communit​​​y Month

Every May, we conduct our flagship Volunteer program globally!

Global Commu​nity Month is a clear reflection of our belief that the strength and leadership of our business and core values should be leveraged for the benefit of our local communities. It is an annual cross-company program for NICE employees that provides opportunities for local volunteering, promotes our One NICE spirit, and demonstrates our belief in giving back to the community.

With worldwide impressive participation, NICE's Global Community Month is creating a global impact through its activities in local communities. The activities are led by our teams joining communities around the world. Last year alone, we just about hit the 10,000 volunteer hours mark!​

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Thousands of pounds of vegetables were farmed, packaged and delivered to families in need    

Hundreds of children at-risk spent time with our teams, who motivated them to stay in school and set their academic goal


The days of hundreds of senior citizens were brightened by our teams visiting them


Several acres of coastline were cleaned, beautifying the environment and making the beaches safer for wildlife

NICE School

We are proud to share another flagship program. With our largest employee population based in our headquarter offices, we initiated a tri-sector strategic community program, dedicated to promoting excellence in education. The pedagogic program was the first of its kind, developed together with the 'Education for Excellence' NGO and the Hod Hasharon Municipality in Israel.    

Following many years of dispersed community activity, an internal process was conducted to define a deeper focus for NICE's community involvement, to ensure our impact is maximal. NICE employees chose to promote excellence in education among children and youth with emphasis on bridging gaps between various socio-economic groups.

In 2012, this vision came to fruition with the introduction of NICE School: an annual program focused on educating children from Israel's socio-economic and geographic periphery towards academic and personal excellence with the long term vision of their integration into higher education and advanced careers.

Through NICE School, NICE employees volunteer in a variety of activities: mentoring, tutoring, technological courses/lectures and other enrichment activity. These channels provide the children academic reinforcement and positive role modelling in two main locations: Hod Hasharon and Netanya.

Last year alone, 260 NICE volunteers touched 130 children with 45 education mentors, 35 expects lecture, 10 enrichment courses & 10 special events.​