Letter from t​he ​CEO​

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

When I walk the corridors of the NICE global offices these days there are four phrases that come up in any formal and informal conversation: Cloud, Analytics, Omni Channel and Artificial Intelligence, which we refer to as our key strategic pillars. The same is true for almost every conversation that takes place today in our respective markets. Such strong alignment between the daily agenda of NICE and what is at the market’s top of mind is not a coincidence and didn’t happen overnight. It comes from solid execution that started with a strategic plan put into place three years ago. We are now in strong alignment between everything that we do at NICE and the key disruptions and transformations that are taking place in our core and adjacent markets, and we are positioned well for years to come.

At NICE we believe that a focused approach is the right way to continue and demonstrate excellence to our customers and gain velocity as a company. This focus starts and ends with our genuine commitment to our strategic pillars in everything that we do. Over the last three years, we embarked on a journey that started with sound strategic decisions, detailed planning and a strong management commitment. Our approach, as we continue this journey, takes disciplined execution and endless energy so that every single employee has a line of sight toward one or more of those pillars in their goals, daily tasks and passion - these pillars and nothing else.

2016 was a pivotal year in our three-year journey as we managed to accelerate our plan by the introduction of many new innovations to the market. In addition, we secured major assets with the acquisitions of inContact, the market leader in Cloud Contact Center, and Nexidia, the leading interaction analytics company.

The combination of inContact and Nexidia, together with the comprehensive list of assets and technologies from NICE, provides us a significant competitive advantage by allowing us to bring to the market an unmatched, powerful combination of products, technologies, innovations and domain expertise. We concluded 2016 with excellent financial results, including strong top line growth. Moreover, our continued focus on operational excellence led to even faster growth in profitability.

As we stepped into 2017 at an accelerated pace of execution, we announced the next phase of our NICE2020 plan called NICE2B. NICE2B is centered on the disruptions and transformations taking place in our markets and capitalizing on the opportunities created by them by leveraging and executing on the four pillars. We are committed to leveraging these pillars to further grow our business and extend our competitive lead to become a $2 billion revenue company.

We have a strong belief in our strategy and it receives constant reinforcement and support from our customers, partners and market analysts that encourages us to stay on this path. Further confirmation of our strategy comes from the record high customer satisfaction score that we received as well as the vote of confidence coming from our 2016 employee survey results showing the highest employee engagement score ever.

I would like to finish my remarks by recognizing our tens of thousands of customers who put their trust in us on a daily basis, and to our hundreds of longstanding partners who share our passion to deliver value. And to you, our shareholders, for your confidence in us as we move forward along our path of continued growth and market leadership, while we continue to transform NICE.

Lastly, I would like to thank our thousands of employees around the globe for their outstanding creativity, hard work and commitment to the success of NICE. I’m proud to have the opportunity to lead the NICEer’s (our internal nick name for the NICE employees) and I’m sure that they will continue to surprise and delight our customers with even more innovation and excellent performances.


   Barak Eilam,
   Chief Executive Officer

   April 21, 2017

​ ​​​​​​​​​