​​​​​​​Workforce Management (WFM) Software​

Total Workforce management system​

You need a workforce management solution that can digest the complexity of your organization and produce precise forecasts and clear action. That's exactly why NICE IEX Workforce Management leads in market share and in product innovation.

Workforce professionals have made NICE IEX the top choice for over 20 years, because building top-notch capabilities is what we do. Solution depth and configurability delivers highly tuned forecasts and schedules, and automates processes to free you to focus on higher value activities. Simple end user interfaces make it easy for every employee to 'own' their schedule and their performance.

The result? Engaged employees and a more efficient operation.

Call center workforce management software lets you Schedule with precision & Engage your employees

No matter the number of skills your call center reps have, or how many sites,​ or contact channels your company operates, the NICE WFM system is up for the task. The solution offers you:

  • Transparency - Factor multiple methodologies, contact channels, departments and skills types into your forecasts and schedules
  • Insight - Real-time visibility into service queues and employee adherence so you can take early action to solve issues
  • Motivation - Simple end user interfaces and tools to ensure employees own their schedules and performance - requesting time-off, trading shifts and sharing ideas
  • Cloud - All the scale and performance of enterprise software, available on-premise or via the cloud
As your call center grows in size and complexity, NICE software keeps pace. We scale with you, so you always meet the needs of your employees, deliver great customer experiences, and operate with maximum efficiency.

Mobility benefits from the power of the Employment Engagement Manager (EEM) solution

EEM enables organizations to achieve customer service goals with greater ease and efficiency. EEM eliminates the intraday stress of ensuring agent resources are optimally aligned with customer demand by intelligently identifying solutions to address staffing gaps, proactively managing agent communication and by automatically adjusting schedules in NICE IEX WFM.

EEM for Agents:
  • Empowers agents to view/change schedules anywhere, anytime via any browser or a true smartphone app
  • The intelligent user interface is continually updated to reflect projected demand and agent availability
  • Schedule-change options are matched to individual agents based upon skills, preferences and availability
  • Enables agents to manage extra-hour, time-off and communication preferences

EEM for Managers:
  • Equips supervisors with a mobile-friendly dashboard to monitor agent intraday performance
  • Gives supervisors real-time visibility into communications between agents and members of WFM administration
  • Enables supervisors to manage agent OT and VTO eligibility
  • Makes it easy to communicate with agents and WFM administrators via instant messaging

WFM Tools to Amplify your investment

NICE offers solutions that lead their respective categories. You can amplify your investment with:
  • Performance Manager Module - report on every WFM and Quality Management KPI. Target coaching at the right people and topics and measure the impact on your organization​
  • Time Off Manager - Simplifies vacation planning and makes it easy to ​calculated vacation accrual and configure bids
  • Webstation- a single portal for all WFM and performance data, with webstation it's easy for employees to see alerts and notifications of shift changes as well as have total schedule visibility
  • Availability Points - Give employees the freedom to build their own schedule while meeting service requirements
  • Interaction Analytics - ​generate insight from speech, text and transaction analytics to further inform your forecasting and scheduling approach
  • Back Office WFM - expand your scheduling footprint across contact center, back office and branch offices

​NICE User Group Community

NICE also hosts the world's largest community of industry professionals. The NICE User Group (NUG) helps members optimize the value of NICE applications in their organizations through sharing of best practices. The group partners with NICE to provide an online environment for members to interact and share knowledge. NUG also works closely with leadership at NICE to influence product and service direction. To learn more about the NICE User Group (NUG), please visit www.niceus​​e​rgroup.

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