Mapping customer journeys = Thrilling them at every point

Customers don’t follow just one path on their journey with your brand. If you start tracking the customer’s journey after they’ve interacted with an agent, you’re already too late to ensure you make the positive impression that will capture their loyalty. To really understand every step of a customer’s journey and where it leads, you must look through the lens of their entire experience with your brand. 

In the mini guide, “Journey Mapping the Digital-First Customer Experience,” you’ll learn how the systems and tools your organization puts in place to map digital customer journeys enable digital and customer experience leaders to view and critically analyze each touchpoint a customer passes through. From there, digital experience mapping reveals many opportunities to improve future experiences.

This mini guide is designed to help your brand’s leadership:

  • Acutely understand a customer’s point of view
  • Map the customer’s digital journey from the context of their overall brand journey
  • Adapt to evolving customer expectations and needs
  • Leverage AI to identify friction and pain points throughout customer journeys