This new report will help you improve all CX initiatives.

"Most organizations are working to improve the customer experience (CX), without realizing they have multiple projects running in parallel with the same ultimate aim. Most executives underestimate how many different parts of their organization affect the CX."

To fix this problem, Gartner® suggests "taking an inventory of CX projects and then managing them as one initiative.

This Gartner® report, “7 types of customer experience projects,” can serve as a checklist and guide to get you started.

With the report, you can:

  • Understand each of the common types of CX projects
  • Locate all ongoing and planned projects across departments
  • Consolidate the projects into one CX initiative under one leader 
  • Use those initiatives to improve overall CX


Gartner, 7 types of customer experience projects, by Michael Chiu, Refreshed 2 December 2022, Published 1 September 2021.

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