Additional dollars collected


Reduction in days to pay


Increase in payment arrangements negotiated

ContactEngine’s proactive conversational AI is a game changer for the collections function. For the first time, it is cost effective to hold tens of thousands of concurrent billing conversations without increasing the size of your call center, all while delivering your duty of care to customers. Counter-intuitively, you may find that many customers who have entered the collections process prefer an automated conversation over the embarrassment of talking to a call center agent. Many resolve their issues within the automated process, and those that don’t are better prepared to discuss their options with an agent.

As soon as debt becomes distressed
A sensitive conversational approach without the embarrassment of talking directly with an agent pays dividends. ContactEngine collects knowledge throughout the customer conversation and tailors each and every conversation, over days, weeks, or months if necessary. Each customer is offered the solution that suits them best, from simple-to-use transaction triggers through to offers of payment plans.
Debt collection agencies - faster payments
ContactEngine breaks the relationship between the size of your call center and the number of concurrent customer conversations you can hold. With increased dollars received and reduced days to payment too, integrating ContactEngine into your service offer can help win business.
Compassionate Collections: How Technology is Shaping the Collections-to-Consumer Relationship
This report outlines the current debt landscape in the US, what impact technology and innovation has on collections agencies and most importantly, how to create an effective, compassionate debt collections strategy for your customers in light of the November 2021. Regulations.
woman on escalator
2023 Guide: Collections Strategies for Successfully Reducing Risk and Improving Customer Retention

This report outlines where analysts expect to see the biggest changes in the debt collection industry over the next few years and proposes strategies for how successful collections organizations can adapt to this changing landscape to improve customer service, collections, and ROI.

man on skateboard
The case for Collection Treatment Automation with Proactive Conversational AI

This paper explores the collections industry's changing landscape and presents a proven solution for first party collections teams to recover outstanding consumer debt more efficiently whilst delivering better outcomes for consumers.

Collections - prevention is better than cure
How the latest advancements in customer service technology can be applied to reduce the cost of collections, increase repayments, and prevent customers entering the collections process in the first place.
man listening on device
A ‘Payment Arrangement’ Collections Journey – Powered by Proactive Conversational AI
In this video, watch our Proactive Conversational AI create a payment arrangement with a customer, following triggers and understanding intents.
An ‘Agent Redirect’ Collections Journey – Powered by Proactive Conversational AI
This video outlines how our Proactive Conversational AI awaits a trigger and then prompts a customer for payment. Where necessary the platform redirects a customer to an agent, providing the agent with the full contextual conversation in order to provide a seamless customer experience.

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