Workforce Management

Multi-site, Multi-skill and Multi-channel Workforce Management System to deliver Accurate Call Center Forecasting

NICE IEX Workforce Management software enables even the most complex multi-site, multi-skill and multi-channel call centers to forecast staffing needs, schedule their representatives’ time, and effectively manage change every day. The result? An efficient, effective call center with productive agents who are well prepared to handle customer interactions.

No matter the number of skills your call center reps have or how many sites or communication channels your company operates, NICE delivers advanced, configurable workforce management functionality capable of addressing the most complex challenges call centers face.

NICE IEX Workforce Management supports virtually any call center forecasting and scheduling methodology, allowing call center managers to choose the approach that works best in their environment. The system’s change management tools also help them proactively manage the day’s events and quickly respond to changing conditions to maintain a high level of customer service. Agent adherence and call center performance management features ensure agent performance improvements.

As your call center grows in size and complexity, NICE IEX Workforce Management software keeps pace, enabling your call center to continue meeting your company’s service objectives.

With its accurate call forecasting and agent scheduling, NICE IEX Workforce Management software enables call center managers to keep tight control of costs. In addition, by automating manual processes, it also reduces administrative time, increasing supervisor and agent productivity.
Leading call center management teams rely on NICE IEX Workforce Management to increase revenue through greater customer loyalty. By effectively managing agent call handling and schedule adherence, they can reduce customer wait times. Furthermore, working in conjunction with call centers’ existing skills-based routing technology, the workforce management system helps improve first call resolution by scheduling the right agents with the right skills at the right time.
In short, NICE IEX Workforce Management can drive call center operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance agent satisfaction. 

NICE IEX Workforce Management system delivers advanced, configurable call center forecasting and scheduling through:

  • Flexible Scheduling– Supports virtually any scheduling methodology, allowing managers to select the approach that works best in their call center environment.
  • Multisite Management– Makes it easy to centrally forecast, schedule and manage multiple locations to ensure site- and enterprise-level objectives are met and the customer experience is consistent.
  • Multi-skill Management– Bases scheduling on call centers’ actual date-specific site- and network-routing rules as well as individual agent skill levels and availability. Using simulation, the system calculates multi-skill efficiency percentages for each contact type and individual skill-usage estimates for each agent, resulting in greater call center forecasting accuracy, scheduling efficiency and visibility into projected coverage.
  • Change Management– Enables managers to monitor and proactively respond to changing call center conditions. Drag-and-drop icon-based schedule modification simplifies managing changes to agent schedules that occur throughout the day. Saved changes are instantly posted system-wide, ensuring all users have an accurate view of schedules and projected service levels.
  • Agent Adherence– Captures real-time data from automatic call distributors, predictive dialers, multimedia routers and agent desktops to track and remedy schedule adherence issues.