Customer Interaction Management

Customers are in the driver’s seat. They are well-informed, vocal and have high expectations. They demand the immediacy of digital in every interaction. They look for a consistent experience across the customer journey. And they expect a personal experience, too. Is it possible to deliver an exceptional customer experience when the bar is set so high?


By getting closer to your customers, you can.


NICE marries real-time interaction management, advanced analytics and employee engagement tools to deliver faster, smarter and safer customer engagements, and get you closer to your customers. We help you understand, predict and adapt to your customers’ needs in real time so that you can create tailored experiences that go beyond what they expect.



Build closer relationships with the people who matter most to your business by:

  • Capturing and analyzing all interactions across the customer journey and applying Big Data technology to identify valuable patterns, trends and Voice of the Customer insights
  • Harnessing real-time capabilities to optimize processes and engage with customers in the moment to quickly resolve issues, take advantage of sales opportunities and retain customers at risk
  • Employing Workforce Optimization tools, including gamification and collaboration, to drive employee engagement, align teams on common metrics, and translate root-causes and best-practices into increased productivity