Performance Management

Leverage Performance Data to Drive Agent Performance

Organizations often have multiple service initiatives in play, with pressure to improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost AT THE SAME TIME.   

How do you move the needle on potentially opposing metrics simultaneously? You need to align your entire organization around transparent data, goals and insight. Then motivate the right action across the frontline every day. NICE Performance Management enables that transparency, insight and motivation.   

NICE Performance Management aggregates data from Interaction Analytics, Workforce Management, Recording, and other solutions into one single source of truth. It presents that data to every individual, and sets relevant goals. It guides supervisors to the people and topics that need coaching, and amplifies that with gamification.

NICE Performance Management Survey

The NICE Performance Management solution combines analytics, planning and reporting to enable service organizations to analyze the business. Its robust capabilities include performance analytics from cross-channel sources, dashboards for front line employees up to senior executives, and compensation administration to align performance.

To execute business objectives, the solution combines employee development, incentive compensation management, out-of-the box processes to improve the customer experience, as well as a flexible forms-and-workflow platform to automate ad hoc processes. These key capabilities help drive business results by aligning behaviors in a timely manner.

NICE Performance Management provides organizations:

  • Increased front line employee productivity and revenue generation
  • Increased supervisor effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improved analyst performance
  • Greater executive impact

The NICE Performance Management solution helps organizations optimize their performance management processes:

  • Alignment of individual and team goals with strategic organizational objectives
  • Creation of an enterprise-wide culture of performance accountability
  • Staff motivation to self-manage and improve performance  
  • Automated reporting to free supervisors and managers for team mentoring and guidance
  • Support for executive decisions with a unified, accurate view of information
  • Process streamlining to ensure accuracy and timeliness

The NICE Performance Management solution has at its core these best-in-class functionalities:

  • Robust data management to aggregate performance data from disparate systems without needing the help of IT
  • Analytics of multiple sources, including contact analytics and interaction analytics
  • Automated alerts to notify supervisors and managers of emerging issues and drive improvement
  • Incentive management to manage dynamic variable pays for employees
  • Employee development to optimize the existing service team through performance-based segmentation and coaching
  • Best practice library
  • Intraday reporting