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Which industries are best suited for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

All industries can benefit from RPA. Every organization, in every vertical, has repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone processes which demand accuracy and speed, and don’t necessarily rely on human ‘out of the box’ thinking.

The large-scale automation of such processes has become a reality for organizations across a wide array of industries. Different verticals typically start their automation transformation from different starting points. Some examples are:

  • Oil & gas – in finance and HR
  • Telco & media – in customer facing processes, and call centres.
  • Government – in a digital transformation support across front and back-office.

In summary, to remain competitive, no business can afford to lag behind in the transformative optimization RPA offers.

Take a read of our ‘case studies ebook’ to learn about the automation journey of 6 of our customers across various industries.

What kind of business processes can and should be automated to make the most of my employees’ potential?

A wide variety of business processes can be automated. There are several factors to consider.

The processes to look for are those that include routine, rules-based tasks, which require little or no subjective judgement. To get maximum cost-effectiveness, it is best to choose processes which are run in high volumes (many times a day by many employees).

Other factors to consider could be error prone processes, specifically those in which compliance plays a major role and non-compliance may lead to costly fines or painful brand damage.

See the ‘Selecting the right candidate for process automation’ brochure to learn more.

How is RPA impacting enterprises and their people today?

Research shows that more than 50% of enterprises are actively looking for an RPA solution.

The reasons are clear. According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies, RPA can already reduce operation costs as much as 65%, with ROI within as little as half a year.

Currently, most RPA vendors offer very narrow solutions, for either the front- or back-office, providing either virtual services or software, and able to either automate complete processes or partial processes, but not both.

NICE Robotic Automation is the exception, providing a solution suitable for every department, with its attended (agent assisted, desktop automation) and unattended (end-to-end, server-based) automation capabilities.

View EE’s case study webinar and see how this leading telco employs RPA to handle 32 different processes, using both attended and unattended automations, with the expectation to deliver about £1m per year of additional benefits from these processes.

What do “attended” and “unattended” mean? And why does it matter?

Automated processes that don’t require any human intervention are called “unattended”.

They are performed quickly and efficiently by RPA robots from start to finish, freeing employees to handle more high-value activities which require their special ‘cognitive’ skills. These robots reside on a virtual server, pulling tasks from a queue, performing them quickly and accurately.

But there are processes which can’t be fully automated and do need human intervention. And other processes which you don’t want to automate at 100% as people’s involvement adds value. But since there’s still a lot of value to be had with process automation, also for these types of processes, automation can take place directly on the employee’s desktop and help perform desktop tasks. This is referred to as ‘attended’ automation, and it can also assist the agent by optimizing desktop processes and guiding them, in real-time, through complex scenarios. An example could be guidance for an up-sale process, or for regulatory compliance.

NICE uniquely provides both attended and unattended automation, maximizing productivity and supporting employees to increase sales, compliance and provide a more professional, quick and consistent customer service.

Read the white paper by Frost & Sullivan to dive deeper into the world of automation in customer service.

How can we ensure RPA robots function the way they’re supposed to?
How can we secure them from tampering or human error?

Monitoring, auditing and security are key factors when deploying RPA solutions. This includes securing both the RPA infrastructure itself and the information it uses.

Measures should be taken to ensure that Robots are doing what they are intended to do, and to monitor system health.
Such measures should include:

  • Role-based or interdependent permissions for all changes to the system or retained data
  • Report of robot success rate and failure reasons
  • Automatic detection and alert when something has changed in the underlying applications the robots are automating
  • Version control policies
  • Audit of actions taken by different admin users
  • Complete audit trail of robot actions
  • Authentication of executable files and data encryption.

How do we get started on a process automation project?

You first have to be sure to correctly identify those processes in your organization that can or should be automated (i.e., highly structured and routine tasks, which require little or no subjective judgement).

This means carefully mapping internal processes, for which you need maximum visibility into your employees’ daily activities.

The NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring solution (for Desktop Analytics), provides insights using captured data on employee application use, to identify immediate and long-term optimization opportunities.

As a next step, NICE professional services can provide the business discovery, and hand-hold your people through the initial steps of the automation project. We train our customers to work with our Automation Studio tool, and make sure to build the required confidence so the customer will be self-sufficient with on-going projects.

Alternatively, you may choose to bring in a consulting and implementation partner to facilitate every step of your transformation project.

Meet NEVA – The First Virtual Assistant Robot with a Human Persona Could NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) with her human persona and friendly smile, forever change the human robot dynamic? Meet NEVA - Driving Process Efficiency by Taking the Robot Out of the Human Who would have thought that increasing business process efficiencies could make humans more human? Meet NEVA - Staying on top of the Legal Stuff Sometimes a firm and intuitive reminder to read the small print can save the day. Meet NEVA: Converting Customer Conversations into Sales Opportunities Imagine a world where all the sales guidance your employees need is custom selected and presented at the best possible moment during a live customer interaction... Attended Desktop Automation – When humans and robots collaborate How NICE Robotic Process Automation solution adds a human personal touch to business processes automation. How the Robot revolution can save the planet? If you search Google for Robots, you would be forgiven for thinking that Robot revolution will end the world. When I researched this recently, I discovered that if Robots don't kill us, they are going to steal our jobs, steal our partners and lead to global war. But before you think your robot vacuum cleaner will turn nasty, let's consider this decision in a historical context. A 70,000 year old historical context. The Automation Economy is here…. now what? Dubbed by the World Economic Forum as the 4th industrial revolution, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (in its many forms) is set to shape global job markets, customer expectations and business profitability on a global scale. Chatbots & Robotic Automation – A Match Made in Heaven In a race to satisfy ever increasing and more sophisticated customer demands, global businesses at large are acknowledging the need to expand their digital capabilities. With this in mind, it's no surprise that the market has seen a steady growth in the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which is predicted to reach a market value of $98.4BN globally by 2020. Robotic Process Automation is More than Just Hype If you’ve read the news or spoken to any colleagues over the last decade, chances are you already know something about Robotic Process Automation. You could be living in a cave and still have heard of it, with all the attention it has gotten recently. RPA, Automation, Robotic Automation, Robots, Bots – all are common names for a powerful business paradigm shift that is happening right before our eyes.
Case Studies
Blue Cross of Idaho Blue Cross of Idaho faced several challenges stemming from disjointed processes and systems it was using for customer service. By rolling out NICE Desktop Automation, they streamlined processes by collating data from various sources, automating routine procedures, and proactively providing agents with real-time guidance regarding next-best actions during interactions - estimating an annual savings of more than $250,000. The Results Companies The Results Companies is a global business process outsourcer. They employed NICE RPA for their employees onboarding/offboarding process, realizing significant accuracy improvements, handle time reduction and enhanced security. TIM TIM is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil. They designed and deployed NICE desktop robots into its judicial case workflow. These robots have been processing 1,100 case tickets daily, which is the equivalent of what 26 full-time employees could theoretically handle. They have reduced the case handle time by 60%, from 10 to 4 minutes, achieving an annual saving of $300,000. LIQ Liq is one of the largest customer relationship management (CRM) and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in Latin America, with 55,000 employees. With a challenge to implement a solution for a client within just six weeks, including 1,400 agents and profitability from the outset, they employed the NICE Desktop Automation solution to rapidly provide the necessary. Project resulted with a 9% reduction in average handle time (AHT) and cost savings of BRL 2 million per year (over $615,000). On Process Technology On Process Technology was looking for perfect accuracy in an extremely complex IT environment, which included manual processing of pdf invoices of different types. This complexity led to agent error and delays in manual processing which posed a significant risk for them. Read how with the NICE attended and unattended automation solutions, they now operate in a risk free environment, eliminating errors and increasing productivity NICE RPA Case Studies Ebook Read the stories of 6 customers from various industries and business needs, and the amazing results they achieved. Helpline Helpline, the #1 player in credit and debit card in Italy, wanted to decrease repetitive and low value tasks in their fraud prevention process.
With NICE’s unattended Robotic Automation and attended desktop automation, they reduced handle time by 79%.
Banca Populare Di Sondrio BPS is one of the first Italian popular credit cooperatives.
The bank employed NICE Robotic Automation to handle the creation of a financial statement letter, and automatically gather client data from different platforms.
By doing so, the bank was able to reduce handle time from one hour to 10 minutes, while freeing the bank’s employees to focus on more engaging activities.
Press Releases
NICE Robotic Automation Debuts a Connectivity Breakthrough and AI Enhancements in Latest Version Release - June 11, 2018 The newest edition of NICE Robotic Automation introduces robust, universal and intelligent connectivity, increasing operational stability and reducing time-to-value gap NICE Robotic Automation Unveils Innovative AI Based Automation Finder to Lead Enterprises Towards Successful RPA Deployments – June 6, 2018 NThe new NICE Automation Finder accurately identifies process automation opportunities in order to maximize ROI and operational efficiencies NICE Introduces NEVA, The World’s First Robotic Virtual Attendant for Employees, Delivering Intelligent, Real-Time Support Across the Enterprise A personified desktop assistant, NICE Employee Virtual Attendant (NEVA), transforms employee capabilities to enhance operational efficiency, bolster sales efforts and drive regulatory compliance via on-demand and automated, always- on guidance European Public Sector Agency Improves its Service Operations with NICE Robotic Process Automation The agency has achieved good results with the NICE solution, cutting processing costs, reducing errors, and in some instances cutting average call handling time by up to 40%. Leading Furniture Retailer Streamlines Global Deliveries with NICE Robotic Process Automation The retailer has used the NICE solution to eliminate 100% of its order entry errors and save 5,000 hours on manual processes, while dramatically improving the customer experience. NICE Cognitive Robotic Automation Platform Expands on Amazon Lex’s Self-Service Capabilities by Transforming Chatbot Requests Into Real-Time Customer Fulfillment NICE Robotic Process Automation drives the instant resolution of complex customer requests, enabling Amazon Lex’s chatbot to support 24/7 customer self-service requirements NICE Robotic Process Automation Rated a Leader and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix NICE scores high on both 'Vision and Capability' as well as the 'Market Impact' axis rated in the leading analyst's RPA Technology Vendor Assessment 2018 report NICE Enables Enterprises to Enter the Automation Economy Via First of its Kind 'Robotic Process Automation for Dummies' Book Based on 15 years of expertise, new NICE asset allows organizations to capitalize on the growing automation trend and kickstart their RPA programs NICE Named a 2018 Stevie Award Winner for Innovation in Robotic Process Automation – March 12, 2018 NICE solution wins for uniquely integrating process automation with artificial intelligence NICE Receives Robotics Achievement Award from Leading Industry Researcher Saddletree Research recognizes NICE for its achievement in cognitive robotic automation, which provides innovative and robust enterprise process automation NICE Robotic Process Automation Helps Enterprises Meet GDPR Compliance Requirements NICE’s Robotic Automation solution streamlines a variety of different and complex business process requirements, from one single automation platform, enabling organizations to be fully GDPR compliant NICE Robotic Automation Wins TMC Lab Awards 2017 TMC Labs recognize NICE Robotic Process Automation for Technology Leadership and Commitment to Unparalleled Quality NICE Accelerates Momentum to Fortify its Market Leadership in Cognitive Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence with New Customer Wins and Innovative Technology NICE triples its RPA new logos in FY17, grows its partner network to over 40 leading integrators and doubles the size of its Process Automation R&D group NICE Enhances Its Cognitive Robotic Automation with Advanced OCR Capabilities NICE’s integration with ABBYY’s advanced text and image extraction technology is set to augment NICE’s AI proficiency by providing access to capabilities that extend beyond traditional RPA solutions NICE Introduces New Machine Learning Capabilities to Drive the Next Evolution of Cognitive Process Automation NICE’s Cognitive Process Automation Platform is set to achieve an estimated 95% reduction in process time and decrease manual effort by 85% across some of the most complex business processes
Introducing NEVA Watch the NEVA launch directly from the main stage at the NICE annual customer event, Interactions 2018, in Orlando. NICE Facebook Live session Introducing NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) NICE Facebook Live session Discussing Attended Automation (aka RDA) and personal assistants NICE Facebook Live session Talks through the NICE Robotic Automation offering NICE Facebook Live session Talks about successful deployments of RPA Automating Self-Service Banking with NICE RPA & AI Get a sneak peek to see how self-service in the banking industry is taken to new heights by integrating NICE Robotic Automation with cognitive technologies such as chat bots, natural language processing, OCR and the like. How do RPA bots work with Chat bots? See how your chat bot can work in collaboration with the NICE RPA bot, allowing the NICE bot to handle all the backend transactions, while your chat bot communicates with the end customer. Fluent bot execution! Our Bots Just Got Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can now handle unstructured data and communicate with other cognitive bots, like chat, video and text analytics bots, to create an end-to-end process automation solution. See how in this video. NICE Robotic Automation: Set your People Free! Automate repetitive tasks and set your people free to focus on what really counts - enhancing the customer experience. NICE Robotic Automation – Hear it from Our Customers NICE, a leading provider of RPA solutions, has had great success with transforming productivity and service for its customers, and achieving some amazing results. But don’t take it from us, hear it from them! NICE Robotic Automation is Working for Banca Popolare Di Sondrio The NICE Robotic Process Automation solution automates the creation of a financial statement letter by mimicking task of gathering client data from different platforms. This mundane and repetitive task was previously performed manually by employees. As a result of the automation, the process handle time was reduced from one hour to 10 minutes - over 80% handle time saving! And the bank’s employees are now freed to handle other, more engaging activities. Helpline in Italy Drives Quality, Predictability and Speed with NICE Robotic Automation HelpLine is ICBPI group’s contact center company. They were looking to reduce the repetitive and low value tasks, in their credit card fraud prevention process, which were interfering with the core activities of their agents. By implementing NICE Robotic Automation, they were able to reduce the handle time of the fraud prevention wrap-up phase by 70% on average. Capgemini Improves Efficiencies in the Public Sector with NICE Robotic Automation Capgemini chose NICE Robotic Automation to automate the heavily manual processes in Public Sector Organizations, in order to increase efficiency while maintaining the perfect customer experience.
The Future Enterprise – A Cognitive Toolkit to Advance Your Process Automations With an explosion of questions and controversy about Robotic Cognitive Automation (RCA) - there is no question that organizations, who wish to become leaders of tomorrow, need to kick-start their cognitive automation journeys sooner rather than later.
In this webinar session, we will unpack a practical framework designed to advance your RCA journey by infusing cognitive technologies into the workplace:
  • Market perspectives about AI and the importance of building intelligent systems that align with the market’s needs
  • Building a cognitive organizational culture or baseline
  • Applying various cognitive tools to process automations
lock RPA for Dummies – The Webinar So you heard about Robotic Automation but you're not sure how to start or how it can help you? As the authors of the "Robotic Process Automation for Dummies", we have all the information you need to get you up to scratch with the industry’s hottest trend, RPA. lock Getting Digital Transformation Right: Best Practices for Planning and Execution The session will include insightful tips and tricks that we’ve learned from our customers and will cover topics such as:
  • What are the keys to success of the best in class RPA customers
  • How do you ensure successful adoption of new technologies from your team
  • Learn what is driving some of our customers to embark on digital transformation
lock Bringing Robotic Intelligence to Business Process Complexity In this Webinar session, we discuss the key elements and relevant technologies that will enable organizations of tomorrow to automate some of the most complex and challenging business processes. lock Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Evolution – Webinar by Everest Group Presented By: Sarah Burnett, Vice President, Everest Group
Driven by significant product innovation over recent years, RPA has evolved from tactical to strategic. With the Evolution of RPA, organizations are looking for step-change improvements in service delivery to create additional efficiencies, but also to enhance service quality and capabilities. Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive tools, and others are now providing great promise, but what can they truly deliver?
Listen to this session hosted by Sarah Burnett, Vice President of Everest Group to discover the evolution of Robotic Process Automation and what it means to your organization.
lock Making Self-sufficiency Your Core RPA Platform – an EE Case Study Webinar The UK’s largest mobile network provider, EE has automated 32 processes across a wide variety of process types, realizing a saving of over 4,000,000 million seconds per month in those automations alone.