Making Self-Sufficiency Your Core RPA Platform

Case Study Webinar

The UK’s largest mobile network provider, EE (formerly known as Everything Everywhere, and now part of BT), opted for self-sufficiency in its automation journey. A key first step was to certify its core team on NICE’s automation studio tool, and create a team of experts to build their own in-house capabilities and support the automation needs of their business operations.

From initial project kickoff until today, EE has automated 32 processes across a wide variety of process types, realizing a saving of over 4,000,000 million seconds per month in those 32 automations alone. EE expects to deliver about £1m per year of additional benefits, as a result of these automations.

Join this session to get tips on implementation from David Orton, Technology Manager at BT (formerly EE):

  • Get ideas on how to build your expert automation team
  • Find out how to most effectively engage with operations and IT
  • Learn how to identify and develop automation opportunities
  • Know when to expect changes to early assumptions
  • Benefit from David's lessons learned

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