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Forrester independent analysis of the top WFO providers lists as a key strength that "NICE's WFO suite has comprehensive functionality for end-to-end WFM"

Digital Channel Management for WFMfor Dummies

Learn how to integrate the expanding array of digital channels to optimize your workforce management

Is your WFM
next-gen ready?

Machine Learning 2.0 to handle digital Channels

Behavioral Decisioning delivers unmatched scheduling flexibility

Accurate forecasting using AI & 46 algorithms

Focusing on successful digital transformation and customer
experience within an organization can generate:


uplift in Customer
Satisfaction (CSAT)


increase in economic gains

Companies delivering strong omnichannel customer experience typically have retention rates of


Next-gen Accuracy

Improve the accuracy of your WFM by using AI to make forecasts and machine learning to generate schedules.
Leverage custom calculations—for example, tailoring how you calculate average handle time for each type of chat, email or social media channel—and use them to create staffing requirements.

Next-gen Employees

Employees today expect that the scheduling process will take their needs into account.
The NICE WFM suite leverages not only key metrics but also past behaviors to determine future offers, rewarding employees with more options for schedules that deliver the work-life balance they’re looking for.

Next-gen Agility

You need a WFM solution able to respond in real time as conditions change.
The NICE WFM suite reforecasts constantly and lets you know if your staffing needs to be adjusted.
It then goes one step further, automatically correcting your staffing levels based on your business rules.

Next-gen Flexibility

NICE WFM lets you incorporate any staffing model you need to meet the requirements of your employees as well as your business.
Unrivaled schedule change options enable you to let employees know whether a request will be approved – before they submit it.

Next-gen Engagement

Engaged agents provide better service to your customers.
The NICE WFM suite helps you engage employees with schedules that meet their work-life balance requirements and the ability to make last-minute adjustments to their schedules.

Resources to Help You Get the
Right Agents at the Right Time

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Digital Channel Management for WFM for Dummies

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NICE WFM’s Total Economic Impact

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