Interactions Paris 2022 est plus qu’une simple conférence, c’est l’événement où toute notre communauté d’experts et professionnels de la relation se réunit et redéfinit ensemble les nouveaux standards CX.

Accédez aux replays d’Interactions Paris 2022 et visionnez les différentes sessions pour découvrir comment transformer vos expériences client et employé.

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Découvrez les interventions inspirantes de nos invités de marque qui ont partagé leur vision sur les transformations qui façonnent le secteur de la relation client.

Shlomi Eytan VP EMEA, NICE
Stéphane Bleton Managing Director France, NICE
Karine Jan CEO France, Teleperformance
Eric Dadian Président, AFRC
Thomas Husson VP Analyst, Forrester France


NICE Interactions Paris fut l’occasion d’adresser tous les nouveaux enjeux liés à la transformation de l’expérience client et collaborateur.

Max Ball
Principal Analyst
Why Organizations Undervalue Their Contact Centers (Forrester)
See tangible measurements from Forrester Research that show the value of getting the customer experience right and how positive experiences significantly impact loyalty, spend, and likelihood to recommend. We will also talk through how new AI driven technology is opening unstructured “dark data” from customer conversations to help identify problems and issues that are causing customers to reach out to your contact center. We will also share insights into other teams within your organization who are likely hungry for this information and how to partner with them to bring new value to your organization.
Three key takeaways from this session:
  1. Learn how positive experiences change customer perception of a brand.
  2. Understand the emerging technologies that will allow access to the unstructured customer feedback that can identify issues and opportunities across your entire organization.
  3. Build strategies on how to partner with other teams to share these insights to your organization, reducing interaction volume in your contact center and improving customer experiences across the board.
Colleen Fazio
Senior Analyst
Going Digital: Using The Power of Feedback to Enhance Customer Experience (Forrester)
Customer service is a key driver of customer experience - and many customer service journeys start in digital. However, digital channels often fail to meet user needs. Voice of the Customer programs can help companies understand and improve customer experiences - in digital channels and across their customer journey.
Don't miss this session with guest speaker, Forrester senior analyst Colleen Fazio to learn how to enhance CX with VoC programs.
Mila D'Antonio
Principal Analyst, Connected Enterprise
Rebuilding the Pathways Along Customers’ Digital Doorsteps (Omdia)
The events of the past two years have propelled both consumers and enterprises into a new digital-first realm. This new environment requires proactive, frictionless, and personalized engagement driven by enterprises that embrace digital transformation, prioritize the customer experience, and establish data-driven foundations.
Meeting customers at their “digital doorsteps” with personalized and frictionless interactions requires large-scale changes. Organizations must reduce the complexity and unite the digital pathways along customers’ journeys.
Keith Dawson
VP & Research Director, Customer Experience
Are You Measuring the Right KPIs? (Ventana Research)
Today’s agents are doing more complex work in an environment that’s structured very differently from the contact centers of old. They are remote, they are digital, and they are supported by amazing automated resources. So what does excellent performance actually mean? Maybe it means measuring for outcomes like customer value, revenue generated, and other KPIs that tell you about how well they serve the growth needs of the entire organization.
Donna Fluss
Founder & President
AI in Action: Making it Real in Contact Centers (DMG)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving most, if not all, innovation in contact center solutions and is already making important contributions to many facets of the service experience. Today, machine learning detects patterns in massive data sets to identify tasks and activities that can be handled better with intelligent automation. Speech analytics delivers valuable insights based on its ability to structure customer conversations and understand callers wants and needs. Real-time-guidance helps agents achieve optimal outcomes during the first contact. And predictive behavioral routing identifies customers’ conversation styles and matches them with the best-fit agent, just to mention a few current uses of AI. Join this presentation to learn how AI is being applied today to enhance contact center performance, and what to expect next.
Sheila McGee-Smith
Founder & Principal Analyst
Industry Priorities and Perspectives: A Fireside Chat with NICE’s CMO and Sheila McGee Smith
Today's organizations have come to realize that quality data to drive analytics and robust AI models is the key to providing frictionless CX. Join this fireside chat between NICE CMO, Einat Weiss and Sheila McGee-Smith, Founder & Principal Analyst for McGee-Smith Analytics, as they discuss the drivers to making the biggest impact in today's customer experience landscape.
Omer Minkara
VP & Principal Analyst, Aberdeen
The Future of Customer Experience: Peek Beyond the Horizon (ABERDEEN)
The future of the enterprise hinges on its ability to truly connect with customers. The future is brighter than ever before for CX leaders who anticipate (and plan) for changes in customer expectations and business conditions. This session will feature thought-provoking insights about emerging trends and key building blocks that will shape the future of CX. Attendees will walk away with a fresh perspective to reinvigorate CX programs in line with future trends impacting firms across all industries.
Tim Crawford
CIO, Industry Analyst & Strategic Advisor
Transforming Customer Experience: A CIO's Perspective (AVOA)
Organizations across industries need to transform customer experience. Doing so requires a different way of thinking.