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Harness AI to gain a competitive edge, empower your employees, and engage your customers like never before.

Trained on the world’s largest dataset for exceptional interactions, you can trust.
Embedded within CXone to drive the best outcomes with the most complete view of your business.
See meaningful results faster with AI that provides CX value from day one.
Use your knowledge, not generic data, to power AI that delivers more effective CX built for your business.

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When it comes to AI-powered experiences,
it needs to be secure, trusted and accurate.


handle inquiries in a SNAP with Enlighten Copilot

  • Instant access to full customer history and preferences.
  • Real-time sentiment analysis for customer conflict resolution.
  • Immediate answers for swift issue resolution.
  • Automated call notes for faster customer turnover.


manage and lead teams with EASE using Enlighten Copilot

  • Performance alerts during customer interactions for in-the-moment agent guidance.
  • Schedule training effortlessly and avoid gaps in coverage.
  • Personalized, relevant suggestions to improve problem areas.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and focus on more strategic work.
  • Access insights to make informed, intelligent decisions on the fly.


leaders gain DECISION VELOCITY with Enlighten Actions

  • Uncover the root issue behind call surges and wait times.
  • Upgrade compliance scoring for impending government requirements.
  • Identify the top reasons for chatbot-to-agent transfers to close the loop.
  • Craft a plan for new automated processes to reduce costs next quarter in seconds.


have ENRICHING interactions with your brand through Enlighten Autopilot

  • Update reservations and complex itineraries without calling customer service.
  • Troubleshoot a new appliance malfunction by simply asking, not searching.
  • Set up home health service visits covered by insurance effortlessly.
  • Get help with personalized gift baskets for holiday gifts.

A complete CX AI platform to stay ahead and compete

  • Interaction-centric platform
  • Convergence of rich CX
  • AI purpose-built for CX

See Enlighten in action for employees, consumers, and businesses.

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