Video Analytics

Proactive Surveillance

With proprietary, field-proven algorithms and a holistic approach to design, deployment and service, NICE delivers video analytics that can transform your security organization from reactive monitoring to proactive prevention. NICE has extensive experience in deploying video analytics in some of the world’s highest-security settings. Maximize the insights your video surveillance solutions can deliver with NICE Systems.
As a market leader in video surveillance and video analytics technologies, NICE understands the depth of insight they can deliver- if skillfully deployed.
NICE consultants apply their extensive field experience to maximize the value customers derive at all phases of video analytics deployment. In the pre-sales stage, they verify the validity of video analytics for your site. When it comes to implementation and customization, NICE experts orchestrate the system to achieve your specific environment needs, continuous monitoring and ongoing process improvement.
System integration is critical to high-value video analytics. All NICE video surveillance applications— from capture and recording to monitoring and investigation— are pre-integrated with NiceVision Video Analytics. Working together, they can initiate alerts, highlight decision data and facilitate complex surveillance operations. NICE consultants ensure your surveillance technologies work in concert to maximize the insights and proactivity your NICE video analytics deployment can achieve.
NICE has implemented the largest and most demanding video analytics installations in the industry and has been deploying these systems longer than any other vendor. Thousands of NICE’s video analytics channels are in international airports, transportation terminals, government facilities and traffic control centers throughout the world. Our experience has no parallel and we invite you to take full advantage of it.

With state-of-the-art technological capabilities and expert consulting services to help you implement and operate them, NICE's video analytics delivers deep incident insight that elevates simple surveillance to proactive security.