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NICE RPA Gives your employees the support they need to stay productive and engaged

NICE Robotic Process Automation solutions help your employees in real-time during customer calls, or after the fact for back office processing. NEVA, our smart attended automation robot, is perfectly designed to help your remote employees adjust to their new working conditions while keeping them engaged and on-target, especially while they are not sharing a physical environment with their peers and supervisors.

  • Service consistency & compliance are hard to maintain in a distributed environment - NEVA helps by presenting employees with guidance scripts to follow.
  • When classroom training is not an option, she provides on-screen step-by-step guidance
  • As changes in company guidelines and policies are very frequent these days, NEVA will display the new guidelines via on-screen pop-ups, keeping employees up to speed.
  • NICE’s RPA bots handle Back Office backlog, so employees don’t have to.
  • With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), work capacity is increased with a virtual workforce.

NEVA@home empowers employees wherever they are:

Drive Efficient Service
with next-best-action guidance and quick access to relevant data and systems
Unleash Employees Potential
by automating routine activities and freeing employees to focus on high value tasks
Keep Employees Connected
with a personal assistant on their side, they are aligned and engaged

Working from Home?

Leave it to NEVA!

Get detailed examples of how attended
automation can give your employees the
help they need from home.


How RPA Can Help During Times of Change:


5 Ways NEVA is Helping Health Insurers Cope with Covid-19 Pressure

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Keeping Employees Engaged and On-Target

Learn how NEVA is your employees’ right hand, assisting them in with real-time, context-relevant guidance.