The Only Framework Integrating Interaction
& Journey Analytics

We look at the macro and micro levels of each customer engagement, bringing context to each
interaction and enabling a granular understanding of every element of the journey.

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Built to Fit Your Needs

The NICE Nexidia framework comprises flexible solutions to fit your needs, enabling deep analyses within each channel as well as across multiple channels. Our analytics framework gains are enhanced with Secure Cloud deployment and Managed Analytics Services, designed to bring it all together.

Completing the NICE Portfolio

Analytics is all about creating insights, discovering root causes, and making predictions to drive positive action. Falling under NICE’s portfolio and drawing from its wide-ranging capabilities, NICE Nexidia serves as nature’s most powerful customer engagement analytics solution.

Turning Customer Insights into Results

Applying our renowned speech and text analytics, big data, and advanced visualizations on both the individual
customer interaction level and journey level, we help you solve your most crucial business problems and
measurably improve your customer interactions.

Award-Winning Speech &
Text Analytics

As an enterprise handling vast numbers of interactions, you need a solution that works at your fast pace – while minimizing mistakes. As the leading experts in speech and text analytics, we’ve developed a proprietary technology recognized for producing accurate and detailed insights, based on rapid analysis of 100% of your data. Forrester Research "The [NICE] framework is unique in connecting journeys to agent performance (using speech and text analytics) and employee metrics"

Become Analytical by Nature
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