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On the platform, passengers are glued to their devices, texting and tweeting. That data tells a story. Find the insight and you’ll have the edge.

Seize the power of unseen data

Technology that dives deeper

Organizations create a vast amount of interaction data, from phone calls, to web chat, to customer surveys and more. Piecing together these interactions into a relevant analysis seems impossible. Not anymore. Nexidia’s Neural Phonetic Speech AnalyticsTM treats all interactions equally, and leverages neural networks that become more and more accurate the more data it analyzes. Achieve faster results and lower costs with the next generation.

Why choose Nexidia Analytics

Nexidia Analytics’ proprietary technology turns interactions into usable insights, and is more than 50 times more scalable than the alternatives.

Unlimited queries and data reprocessing, combined with Nexidia’s neural phonetic speech engine, delivers unparalleled accuracy.

Fully integrated multi-channel analysis focuses on outcomes rather than data inputs - delivering a full view of the customer experience and concentration on corporate objectives.

Discover Analytics in action

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Best-in-Class Analytics

Nexidia Analytics is one of the first tools of its kind that truly offers common metrics in a single interface.

Using AI Powered Analytics to Transform the Enterprise
A Future Powered by Machine Learning

AI powered speech and text recognition optimizes the way enterprises interact with their customers to help perfect experiences.

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