Compliance Adherence?
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Ensure Compliance
NEVA ensures full employee compliance to important policies and regulations during each and every stage of a customer interaction, and this is how she does it:
While an employee is on a call with a customer, NEVA will present the relevant compliance script or disclaimer at the right time, prompting the employee to read it to the customer. She will also prevent an employee from moving to the next step of a process, until all compliance related tasks have been completed.

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NEVA is an expert at aligning a human workforce during times of turbulence and change. When a new company policy needs to be introduced, leave it to NEVA.
She will guide each and every employee at the perfect moment of a process with the new compliance requirements governing a particular process.
This saves an organization the hassle of large e-mail announcements and intensive training interventions, even during periods of organizational change.
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