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Boost Sales
NEVA is super intelligent and intuitive. She never rests, when she cannot be seen, she is still working in the background to find all sorts of ways to add value and enrich each and every customer interaction, in real-time.
She happily resides within the employee's desktop, waiting for the perfect moment to intervene with assistance and guidance. So what does this have to do with sales?
Well, NEVA has the abilty to quickly access a range of data pertaining to any customer (from many different applications) and within seconds, she can summarize rich insights about a particular customer. As an employee is interacting with a customer, NEVA is on it! She automatically reviews all the relevant data about this customer (including their purchase history) and matches this to existing sales promotions or specials on offer. If there is a positive match, NEVA will advise the employee to communicate the most relevant offer to the customer, at the perfect moment.

How Can I Help?
Not only does NEVA source the perfect opportunities to intelligently up sell or cross sell to customers, in real-time, but she will also display a recommended sales script to the employee. To polish off the sales process, NEVA can automate the sales order by completing it on behalf of the employee.
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