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Leave it to NEVA
Leave it to NEVA
Leave it to NEVA

Hi! My name is NEVA
NICE Employee Virtual Attendant.
I'm the first ever virtual attendant designed specifically with the employee in mind, for the front and back office. Whether your employee needs help during a call with a customer, or as they're working on a lengthy offline process - simply Leave it to NEVA!

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Leave it to Me
Personal Assistant
NEVA is every employee's personal assistant. She helps to get any admin task done right on time.
Always Switched On
NEVA is always switched on. Even when you can't see her, she is working her magic around the clock, waiting for the perfect moment to pop up with the right information, or to automate a routine task.
Super Intelligent
NEVA is super intelligent. She understands what the employee wants to achieve by observing and interpreting their desktop activities and responding to voice or text requests.
Extremely Resourceful
NEVA is extremely resourceful. She knows all about your company's systems, processes and policies, and can activate any applications to get the job done.

They Say

"Process time was reduced from minutes to seconds"

Government Agency

"Annual saving of more than $250,000"

Major Insurance Companyy

"Our sales offer rates increased by 25%"

US Information Technology Company

What's New?

Find out how NEVA can transform employee performance and service delivery.
Find out why NEVA could forever change the human robot dynamic and check out a series of practical, yet insightful articles illustrating how NEVA works in real-life.
Understand how process inefficiency challenges are impacting enterprises globally and how NEVA can help.

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