Whether you are strategizing your customer experience mission and vision, planning your launch, transforming your organizational culture or optimizing your customer journeys, we provide you with a customized roadmap to CX success.

What is CX Intensive:

CX Intensive is the most innovative concept for a knowledge center and customer success team combined. Whether you are taking your first steps into the customer experience world, journey mapping or already listening to your customers’ voice our knowledge and even more importantly, our dynamic and engaging tools will hand-hold you to success.

How CX Intensive is different:

CX Intensive minimizes talk and focuses on action, utilizing quizzes, canvases, dynamic worksheets, work plans and customized campaign kits we give you hands-on tools to lead you straight to success.

Who is CX Intensive for?

CX Intensive was created for NICE customers who are about to launch or are planning to optimize their use of our Customer Journey or Voice of the Customer solutions.

What is CX Intensive:

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With our Maturity Assessment Quiz, you can establish what type of CX program is most relevant for you to focus on today, and which elements of CX culture and strategy would best suit your business needs.

The Agenda

Topics in the upcoming CX Intensive include:

  • - CX Leadership Workshop
  • - CX Launch Strategy and Practice Workshop
  • - Personal and Organizational Assessment Tools
  • - Journey Mapping Canvases
  • - CX Concept & Strategy Worksheets