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The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement and Empowerment (ContactBabel)


Your agents aren’t going to ask you for more automated tools, empowered and personalized coaching, and a sense of purpose—because they already expect them to be there.

As a contact center leader, you know what happens when those expectations aren’t met: High attrition, low engagement, missed KPIs, and unhappy customers. The good news is that it’s in your power to empower them.

The ContactBabel report, “The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement and Empowerment,” gives you a blueprint to a more engaged and purpose-driven agent workforce. Learn answers to end-user questions, see the benefits of blending automation with a workforce yearning for it, and start becoming the employer of choice.

ContactBabel’s findings and insights include the “what,” “why,” and “how” to engage and empower your agents more effectively.

Read the report to learn:

  • How to use technology to improve agent morale and improve performance
  • Why giving agents autonomy doesn’t negatively impact KPIs
  • What agents expect during their day-to-days, and how it decreases absenteeism