Zetron MAX

Certified Zetron Call Recording – Record Zetron MAX Dispatch Consoles

Through collaboration with Zetron, NICE is certified to record voice interactions from the Zetron MAX Dispatch System. The Zetron MAX Dispatch system is a pure, end-to-end IP-based telecommunications console system. The combined solution delivers reliable Zetron Call Recording technology for call taking and dispatch communications centers of all sizes using NICE NRX. NRX is a Next Generation 9-1-1 ready solution. It leverages open architecture and integrates seamlessly into your existing and evolving infrastructure. Organizations that employ Zetron MAX Dispatch Console systems can now reliably capture and more effectively leverage their audio recordings to evaluate, analyze and improve interactions.

Advanced Direct Recording of Radio and Telephone Transmissions

The NICE Zetron call recording solution integration uses the Zetron MAX Voice Logger Gateway (VLG) interface to capture voice calls and metadata from the Zetron MAX system. It uses SIP protocol to communicate with the loggers and to provide call metadata. The Zetron MAX Central System Management system can host one or multiple Voice Logger Gateways for the NICE recorder, depending on the size, activity, and other variables. Additional MAX Centrals are required when logging more than 30 lines or when a Telephone Gateway is installed. For radio and telephony endpoints, separate streams are forwarded for received (Rx) and transmitted (Tx) voice utilizing two separate recording channels on the NICE Recorder. Related metadata is forwarded along with the media streams.

High-precision Search and Incident Reconstruction

For search, playback, and incident reconstruction purposes, recorded calls can be found using any combination of captured metadata which can be entered into the centralized NICE Inform interface. Each call record is time-stamped in the UTC equivalent of the local time that indicates when the INFO message was received. The call record will also show the time at which the call ended. Additional metadata collected includes Start Time, Update Time, Channel ID, Source Caller ID, Destination Caller ID, Channel Type (telephony or radio), Tx Channel, Rx Channel, Tx Privacy Code ID, Rx Privacy Code ID, Tx and Rx Encryption Keys, Tx and Rx Encryption States, Source Caller Name, Destination Caller Name, Source and Destination Location Information.

The NICE Zetron call recording system is reliable and future-proof, and ideal for any size organization that needs to capture, store, retrieve and play back voice, radio and data communications. It can be used in traditional or IP telephony environments to deliver high quality voice recordings for all applications, including verification and compliance, training and quality monitoring.

Recordings captured via the Zetron MAX integration are immediately available for instant recall, replay, incident reconstruction and export.

The same NICE Recording system can also record 9-1-1 and NG9-1-1 calls, telephones, trunked radio, conventional radio and console screens.

Faster Implementation, Less Hardware

NICE’s recording method captures transmission streams via certified direct integration, eliminating the need for spanning ports or managed switches. This efficient integration approach saves hardware resources and expedites implementation.

Redundant Configurations for High Reliability

Whether deployed at a single site or in multi-site configurations, we recommend a resilient, fully redundant configuration that eliminates the vulnerability of any single point of failure that could affect the recording, capture, storage, or archiving processes.

Redundant recording is coupled with intelligent search and replay. NICE Inform avoids presentation of duplicate recordings to users in their search results. The solution automatically displays only the primary or the secondary (redundant) record, depending on availability.

With resilient recording deployments, all interfaces, media and data (for replay), reconstruction, organization, evaluation, analytics and media distribution are available for use at all times, without interruption.

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