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Certified West Intrado Call Recording – Record Intrado VIPER® Audio and Text

In partnership with West Corporation, NICE provides a certified, end-to-end integration to Intrado VIPER systems to natively record VoIP voice communications and associated call metadata. Incoming calls pass through Intrado Gateways where they are converted to SIP and RTP format. The NICE Intrado VIPER recording solution connects to the VIPER network via the VIPER LAN Switch and VIPER Extended CDR feed. The Extended CDR feed delivers enhanced call metadata such as ANI/ALI, PSAP ID, Position, Trunk, and more to the NICE Inform database for precision call searches and comprehensive incident reconstruction.

The integration supports the following Intrado VIPER scenarios: incoming calls, outgoing calls, conference calls, call holds, call transfers, call barge-in, call patch, listen-and-join, abandoned calls, and internal calls.​

Maximum Recording Signal Quality

The native IP recording solution maximizes the quality of recorded communications by eliminating unnecessary digital-to-analog audio conversion, cable runs, and analog noise and interference.

Tracking ALI through Transfers

Integration with VIPER Extended CDR enables the ALI of incoming 9-1-1 calls to be associated with both the original call-taker and internal call transfers. This means that the entire call (from a caller’s perspective) - including all segments that comprised it - can be easily identified for playback or incident reconstruction.

Efficient Station-Side Recording

There is no need to cable every workstation for station-side recording. This reduces installation time and simplifies moves, additions, and changes, while also lowering the overall cost of deployment.

Future-proof Solution

Designed to NENA’s i3 standards, the NICE - West Intrado VIPER recording system assures readiness for tomorrow.

Easy Upgrade Path

The modular design of NICE’s Intrado VIPER recording solution provides flexibility to add powerful value-added applications, such as: NICE Screen Recording, Audio Analytics, Quality Assurance Evaluation, and more.

Captured Metadata for Precision Searches

In addition to Caller Number and Location information, metadata information also includes the Station ID of the Call Taker. This ‘Links’ the Voice, SIP and Location information together and can be used to quickly find recordings for any specific incident. The NICE Recording system also captures VIPER Unique Call ID, Agent ID, Agent Name, Agent Role, Caller ID, PSAP ID, PSAP Name, System ID, Trunk and DNIS.

Station Side, Trunk Side, or Hybrid Recording

NICE Recording systems can be configured for recording from the Call Taker’s side (Station-side) only, the Caller’s side (Trunk-side) recording only, or both. Call Taker and Caller oriented recording provide different features and benefits.


Call Taker



Automated announcements




Caller audio while on hold




Internal calls




Caller / Call Taker conversation




Recording Channels

1 Per Station

1 Per Trunk

1 Per Station
+ 1 Per Trunk

Call Storage

Call Taker Calls Only

Caller Calls Only


Redundant Configurations for High Reliability

Whether deployed at a single site or in multi-site configurations, we recommend a resilient, fully redundant configuration that eliminates the vulnerability of any single point of failure that could affect the recording, capture, storage, or archiving processes.

Redundant recording is coupled with intelligent search and replay. The NICE Inform - Intrado VIPER recording system avoids presentation of duplicate recordings to users in their search results. The solution automatically displays only the primary or the secondary (redundant) record, depending on availability.

With resilient recording deployments, all interfaces, media and data (for replay), reconstruction, organization, evaluation, analytics and media distribution are available for use at all times, without interruption.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can benefit from our certified West Intrado VIPER call and text recording solution.

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As PSAPs continue to transition to IP networks, the shape of public safety communications will continue to evolve. PSAPs will need solutions that have the ability to capture and manage many new forms of multimedia data and IP-based emergency communications. Our partnership with NICE better equips us to address these growing customer needs.
Joe Hernandez
Senior Vice President
West Corporation (formerly Intrado)

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