Training Services

Change is often intimidating – especially when it comes to work. That's why preparing your organization to adopt a new system can be so nerve-racking. So how can you get your users past their fear of the unknown? Simple – give them the knowledge and skills they need to get their job done using the NICE solution.

Everything you need to know to get the job done

Our Training services give your users and technical team the hands-on skills to confidently configure, operate and support NICE technology solutions. Training courses are tailored to your working environment, focusing on the daily tasks of your team.

To support dynamic and growing organizations, the training process never stops. From initial training of new hires to honing the skills of experienced users, our first priority is to help your team continuously improve.

That's why we offer over 80 courses across IT, business and operational functions.  Our training experts make sure that the right information gets to the right people in the right format. NICE training programs always cover the latest features and capabilities. 

Here's how you'll benefit from our Training services:

  • ​Make it easy for your workforce to get their job done
  • Increase user productivity, adoption and job satisfaction
  • Enhance system utilization and performance
  • Deepen the technical knowledge and self-sufficiency of maintenance team
  • Ensure smoother, quicker rollouts and ongoing operations

Role-specific, hands-on t​​raining

Our role-oriented training programs focus on delivering the practical knowledge each team member needs to succeed in his or her daily tasks. Our training portfolio for NICE solutions includes: 

  • Hands-on application courses for key users (administrators, business analysts, etc.)
  • End-user application training for supervisors, team leaders and other end-users  
  • Technical courses for IT personnel focusing on system monitoring, maintenance

      and troubleshooting 

Education P​​ortal

The NICE Education​ Portal is packed with valuable online learning tools for NICE Solutions customers. The portal gives you access to role-specific training programs (CBT), content packs, best practices, webinars, documentation and much more. Check it out!