Records Management Systems (RMS)

Automate the Collection of Evidence from RMS and Other Systems

RMS is an agency-wide system that provides for the storage, retrieval, retention, manipulation, archiving, and viewing of information, records, documents, or files pertaining to law enforcement operations.

Leveraging the​ Records Management System integration (RMS integration), NICE Investigate automatically extracts files and data from RMS systems for secure access via centralized, web-based digital investigation interface, in support of efficient crime investigations and other law enforcement operations. Such records include incident and accident reports, arrests, citations, warrants, case management, field contacts, and operations-oriented records, such as law enforcement personnel records and vehicle fleet maintenance records.

NICE Investigate Expedites Case Investigation and Closure

NICE Investigate is the first digital policing solution to automate and expedite the entire digital investigation process, helping close more cases faster and leading to more successful prosecutions.

It takes on some of key challenges facing investigation departments today: collecting, analyzing and sharing evidence. NICE Investigate replaces time-consuming, manual processes and enables investigators to more efficiently analyze the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ of their cases.

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