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​Today's Public Safety organizations are facing a tsunami of data. There is a deluge of internal and external data from a growing network of unconnected sources and it’s growing.

​Internal data from sources such as radio, telephony, CCTV and operational systems are generally easier to access and manage but even that is proving a challenge as yet more data becomes available. External data - from sources such as social media or 3rd parties may be more difficult to control, but it provides essential context and often critical parts to the jigsaw.

​The key is to provide structure to the mass of unstructured data.

​Organizations need to be able to bring all this data together, not only to ensure they can always see and review the big picture, but also to help them make the right decision or take the right action.

​Take too long, make a bad decision, have poorly trained people and it could literally be a matter of life or death.

When it’s Mission Critical

​Let’s take for example first responders. They are the point of contact for every incident large or small. Their job is to understand the facts and deliver the right level of response as the data pours in - and this is where NICE helps.

​Every multimedia source can be captured, searched, organized and shared - to the right people, in an instant. That ability to see and review the whole picture, identify the critical pieces and make the right decisions - fast - can literally be the difference.

Get it right with NICE ​

​We help bring all your public safety data together, filtering out the background noise, connecting the dots, and shedding light on their overall significance. Our solutions empower you to make the necessary decisions, improve safety and enhance capabilities - whilst keeping a complete audit trail for compliance and analysis.

​With over 6,000 deployments in public safety environments all over the world NICE technology helps you to keep the public safe.


NICE offered us more of the capabilities we needed to improve our operation today as well as multimedia capabilities for the future. We'll now be able to glean information faster and improve our ability to dispatch and train.
Lindsey L. Plummer
Division Chief
Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Department

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