Challenges of Digital Policing
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Information Silos: Unintended Consequence of Digital Policing Initiatives

Police departments have been investing in digital policing initiatives to solve specific public safety issues. Each initiative typically involves a new proprietary system in which to process and store the information. While these systems have undoubtedly helped improve public safety, they’ve also had the unintended consequence of creating digital silos – unconnected, proprietary systems – that make it more challenging than ever for investigators to collect, analyze and share evidence related to a case.


“When we moved from paper to digital to get a better handle on our data, we were surprised to find that we ended up with even more information silos.”

Charles Ramsey, Commissioner, Philadelphia Police Department

Investigators today spend too much time identifying, collecting and copying digital evidence from siloed sources including the many different databases, video from citizens, private and public CCTV video, audio recordings, photos and more.

Once everything is collected, they lack the tools to organize and make sense of all the different pieces – to put together the who, what, where, when and why of their cases. They worry that they’re missing some critical piece of potential evidence or insight that could break the case …or that by the time they get what they requested, it’ll be less relevant.

And when they share cases with other investigators, agencies and prosecutors, it’s manual and time-consuming. In today’s environment of increased accountability and transparency, flat budgets and heavy workloads, these inefficiencies need to be addressed.

Investigation Challenges

Listen to Ed Davis, former commissioner of the Boston Police Department, talk about cases that highlight the challenges investigators face in collecting, analyzing and sharing evidence.


NICE Investigate helps increase case closure rates

NICE Investigate is the first digital policing solution to automate and expedite the entire digital investigation process, helping close more cases faster and leading to more successful prosecutions.

It takes on some of key challenges facing investigation departments today: collecting, analyzing and sharing evidence. NICE Investigate replaces the time-consuming, manual processes currently in use while helping investigators analyze the who, what, where, when and why of their cases. ​​​​​

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Automates content gathering from most existing applications and sources. Makes important patterns and relationships more visible and easier understand. Makes it easy to elec​tronically and securely share evidence.​​

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