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Get insights from your Big Data

The amount of information flowing through your Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is enormous. Soon, if it has not already happened, you'll be getting more than just calls; your PSAP will be flooded with all sorts of multimedia and external sensor information. Some of this information may seem inconsequential, but it can actually contain valuable insights. NICE Audio Analytics finds those insights for you, even in real time, in your mass of Big Data.

Audio Analytics in the PSAP

NICE Audio Analytics works on several layers, as it helps you find the proverbial needle in the haystack that otherwise would be left uncovered. You can find links between seemingly unrelated calls and incidents, monitor and ensure compliance, identify knowledge gaps, and much more. In short, it distills relevant insights from masses of unstructured Big Data.

  • Effective investigations - information can be quickly found using advanced search tools
  • Advanced call categorization - allows you to identify and group calls based on the spoken word
  • ​Ensure compliance - by monitoring agent adherence and identifying divergence from protocol

​Performance improvement

With NICE Audio Analytics, you have the ability to initiate word or phrase spotting. This allows you to access all calls related to specific subjects you’ve designated and check performance related to those types of calls. Analytics can also identify potential liability issues when performing tasks such as call transfers, by verifying that the correct warnings have been issued to the caller. Additionally, you'll be able to identify problematic calls for review and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.

Speech indexing

When a call's meta-data is insufficient to identify the caller or categorize the call, speech indexing does it for you. You can specify certain words or phrases within recorded audio to find matching calls. Recordings are then automatically analyzed, resulting in multiple possible audio matches to for the selected words or phrases. This multiple indexing approach is known as N-Best indexing, and it substantially speeds up the time it takes to identify and find calls.

Unmatched public safety experience

There is no replacement for experience and expertise. With over 1,000,000 VoIP and 25,000 RoIP NICE channels in operation, and with nine out of 10 of the largest cities in North America using NICE technology to capture and manage 9-1-1 and critical communications, rest assured that we understand your needs and have the right solution to meet them. ​​

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