How NICE Inform Helps Emergency Communications Centers

Digital Initiatives Make Emergency Communications More Complicated

Understanding and Evaluating Emergency Communications

Digitization has paved the way for widespread adoption of mobile phones, and later, smart phones. Citizens are reporting incidents anytime, anywhere – sending photos, videos and texts from their smart phones. The increased variety, volume and value of information coming into emergency communications centers (also known as Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs) and 911/112/999/000 centers) have made emergency communications more complicated. 

Next Generation 911 and FirstNet will accelerate this trend by accepting information directly from smart devices as well as people. And new advances in technology – things we haven’t even thought of yet – will continue to enhance and complicate emergency communications well into the future. 

All these interactions need to be captured, managed, synchronized and put into context to understand and evaluate the decisions and actions of emergency communications centers and first responders.

NICE Inform Helps Emergency Communications Centers Continuously Improve Operations

NICE Inform was introduced in 2007 to meet these needs. Since then, it has been continuously enhanced so that today NICE Inform is the industry-leading digital evidence managementsolution for emergency communications centers.

NICE Inform provides a single complete, true record and reconstruction of the interactions between citizens, emergency communications centers and first responders around an incident and gives emergency communications centers better insight into how to improve their service to the public, leading to a higher level of public confidence in the centers.

By capturing, managing, synchronizing and putting into context an increasing volume and variety of multi-channel interactions, NICE Inform details who knew what when, and what actions they took as a result, in a format that can be easily and securely shared and understood by others.


NICE Inform Customers​

Thousands of public safety and transportation customers rely on NICE Inform solutions to continuously improve their operations.


We’ve gained a 25% improvement in efficiency of response to requests for evidence. With NICE, we are now able to assure accuracy and consistency in providing recordings, whether they are requested in-house or via subpoena.
Stacy Fason
Research Assistant & Communications Training Officer
Las Vegas (NV) Metropolitan Police Department

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