Air Traffic Control (ATC)

ATC Software Solutions for Communications Recording and Management

NICE’s solutions reliably record all types of voice communications between aircraft, ATC operations and ground personnel. The NICE Inform Incident Information Management Solution seamlessly interfaces with a myriad of ATC software systems to capture and fuse voice, radar, CCTV video and other data so you get a synchronous view and 360-degree visibility into incidents.   

Trusted ATC Partner

NICE Air Traffic Control (ATC) solutions are installed and operating in hundreds of ATC centers and airports worldwide, including several of the world’s busiest airports. NICE has a long standing history and commitment to its ATC customers. We understand the necessity for high quality, reliability and integrity of all parts of the recording and incident management solution - applications, software, hardware, platforms, infrastructure and service.   

Advanced Incident Management

Simplifying the processes of Capture, Search, Reconstruction, Organization and Distribution, NICE Inform provides authorized users with immediate access to captured ATC incident data and media, allowing it to be synchronized and replayed exactly as the events occurred.   

Recorded multimedia communications and other information from ATC software systems, including air-to-ground radio, telephony, video, appended flight plans, photos, radar screen captures and more, can be organized in a secure incident folder, and quarantined for a specific retention period. NICE Inform facilitates secure incident information sharing within and among airport and aviation associations and can dramatically accelerate air traffic investigations.   

Improve Quality Assurance and Compliance

NICE Inform Evaluator automatically selects calls for quality review. It allows you to easily create and score with customized evaluation forms, and run reports to identify and reduce knowledge gaps and compliance violations.   

Find Critical Incident Evidence Faster with Audio Analytics

NICE Inform Audio Analytics allows you to find the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’. During investigations, you’ll be able to quickly find calls and information related to an incident as the indexing is done immediately once the call ends. This allows you to quickly search for calls based on words, sounds and phrases that can uncover information relevant to the investigation, or even seemingly unrelated information. This not only speeds up the process, it infuses it with potentially valuable insights.   

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